Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dualing, with a little bit of LOL gank economics

Haven’t been able to sleep much, nerves are shaky about going to war and the boosters stopped helping. Decided some more dogfighting in my Rupture class cruiser was the cure. Terms were set and agreed upon and we begin. Uhhh what the hell just happened? My shields were barely dented and in less then ten seconds the stabber was a pile of scrap metal. I had been using Republic Fleet EMP on him in preperation to his shield tank, however, him being armor tanked, should have…. his ship shouldn’t have folded that quickly. Anyway, a little while later, another pilot wanted to fight me, so we did. Decent fit, but they all fall to the mighty rupture. I like Minmatar ships, they’re quite open to customization. Never know whats comin.

The real reason I made this post, well, it deserves a little background.

A few monthes back I had a dual with a pilot who liked to be called “terminator”. His real name was probably Eugene, or something.  After I blew up his battlecruiser, he suggested I fight his friend. I agreed, fully knowing that Eugene still had the ability to intervene, but, he seemed like a nice enough chap. I docked up, repaired by modules, filled my cap boosters, and made sure my capacitor and shields were up to full capacity. The Hurricane class battlecruiser was not doing much damage at all, however his ECM drones were becoming a problem. A problem that quickly fixed itself when Eugene warped in another Drake class battlecruiser and dropped another set of ECM drones, at which point i promptly shut off my guns, shield booster, and damage control, and prayed to my tribal gods for the lives of my crewmembers.

Fast foward to today, (I have had the comm logs transcripted for your visual appeal. I will only upload the parts related to this post. )

Seems Eugene wanted to get a fight in his Kestrel, so naturally I went over in my salvage thrasher and stole something from him. Not happy to be outgunned (by salvagers) he docked up and came out a little while later in a Drake class battlecruiser and opened fire on my destroyer. Now, knowing that Eugene is not an honorable warrior (Caldari, what do you expect) I made sure to add his corporation to my watchlist, to make sure none of his  buddies decide to jump themselves into Rens solar system and attempt to kill me and my crew.  I undock and notice that the criminal is 355 kilometers away from me, watching me, waiting for me to make a mistake. Then I notice a flagged drake warping to the station and docking. Interesting. I dock as he undocks. I notice at this point that Eugenes corpmates can only defend him for another two minutes, while Eugene himself can free fire on me for  another four. Naturally I wait out one minute and fifty seconds, in the hopes that when I clear the docking perimeter, his friend will still attempt to shooot me and get destroyed by CONCORD defense ships and station defense guns.  No dice, he didn’t fall for it. Eugene is still here, so I light him up with my autocannons, kick on my ECM defense module ( i know your tricks you Caldari scum) and scramble his engines. He in turn drops ECM drones and shuts down my engines. Naturally, my little drones eat his alive, and I do not get jammed once. I notice he is at about 50% shields and I am happily tanking him with two of my three medium armor repair units, and naturally I think I am going to win the fight.

His flagged friend Max Hades undocks and begins repairing Eugenes shields….. with a Drake. What? Just when I think they can not stoop any lower, they do. Someone else in a typhoon opens up a comms channel with me and tells me to take him out, and that he will be repairing my shields. I decline, as I am an honor bound warrior, so I just laugh at his incoming damage, and kindly ask the docking manager to let me in after another four minutes.

No kills, no losses, just another known criminal pulling the same old tricks and me being more knowledgeable then I was the last time we encountered one another.
It is because of this type of warfare that I have decided to maintain only  a skeleton crew aboard all my vessels. I will now be handling the majority of operations, along with installing a computerized maintenance subroutine to handle what I can not. The only other soul in my ship will be First Officer Smith. Knowing that I could not do what I do without her, and also because I am this close to getting her to shed her Officers uniform, and that woman has ass for days.

[02:43:40] Aznwithbeard > anyone for a 1v1?
[02:44:00] Terminator56 > ill 1v1 till armor?
[02:44:06] Terminator56 > or tank break
[02:44:11] Aznwithbeard > lol i know how u 1v1. no.
[02:44:18] Terminator56 > what?
[02:44:29] Terminator56 > must be someone else look at my kb i havent killed anyone in months
[02:44:48] Aznwithbeard >
[02:45:06] Terminator56 > 2010-10-03 23:34:00
[02:45:18] Aznwithbeard > that was after this
[02:45:35] Terminator56 > oh you did kill me hum
[02:45:37] Aznwithbeard > your friend wanted to 1v1 me….. 10 ecm-300s later… lol
[02:45:51] Terminator56 > ah i remeber that now
[02:46:02] Terminator56 > hes inactive now
[02:46:05] Terminator56 > hasent been on for months
[02:59:52] Aznwithbeard > aww u ran away :(
[03:00:08] Terminator56 > well i dont have my ship fit corrrect :P
[03:00:30] Aznwithbeard > its not fitted correctly, but u can fire ur drakes missiles at my dessie ehh?
[03:00:40] Terminator56 > its fitted for killing frigs :P
[03:00:56] Aznwithbeard > big man you are.
[03:00:58] Terminator56 > less tank more web :P
[03:04:14] Aznwithbeard > that is a terrible insta.
[03:14:13] Aznwithbeard > wheeee rr and stuff
[03:14:55] Aznwithbeard > its ok babe. i know ur tricks ;)
[03:16:57] Terminator56 > lol
[03:16:58] Terminator56 > he was wining dude
[03:17:06] Aznwithbeard > yup.
[03:17:10] Count C > no he wasn’t
[03:17:19] Aznwithbeard > yea i was, til he got rr.
[[03:17:36] Terminator56 > lol
[03:17:39] Terminator56 > i would of still won
[03:17:50] Terminator56 > we also never agreed to anything ^^
[03:17:50] Aznwithbeard > i got scared, i almost turned my third repper on.
[03:18:17] Aznwithbeard > hah, like ur bud in the drake being on the undock etc etc. thats why i waited out ur corp aggression timer babe.
[03:18:37] Aznwithbeard > then, he figured it out, i was hoping for a concordoken, instead he just rred u.
[03:19:10] Aznwithbeard > God damn its so hard being knowledgable and better then you.
[03:19:33] Zhang ManCheng > chilling at the trade hub today, Azn? don’t i usually see you at Balg?
[03:19:45] Aznwithbeard > back in the day yea….
[03:19:48] Aznwithbeard > stop by every once in a while
[03:20:06] Zhang ManCheng > knew i recognized the name
[03:20:36] Aznwithbeard > its azn man, everyone knows me.

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