Monday, April 18, 2011

Sleepless night # 2

I wake up to Smith shaking me awake, seems I was screaming in my sleep again. I feel bad, this is the fourth night in a month I've woken her up, somethings got to give.

Unable to sleep I make my way down to my hanger, maybe the deadness of space with soothe me. Perform various system checks, plus in my engineering and gunnery chips, will have to pilot and micromanage the drones manually. Can't lose another crew. Won't lose another crew. Cracks in the cyclone beginning to show, brought her in from Rens and shes been in structure quite a few times. Technician says if I drop below 75% structure, the middle of the ship will rip apart, he can't reinforce the bulkheads anymore, there's nothing left to reinforce.

Seems pretty quiet, head to vard system, HTH scum have been hanging out there as of late. Lot of docking games, but nothing better to do. Seems they've aggressed Mara Abrahams Hurricane, and I move in to help. Couple of BCs and a BS are ripping his tank to pieces, friendly falcon lands, lands some jams, Mara bails. I am not in range to tackle anything, no one dies.... shame. Poke on of their older pilots in a Harbinger to duel, he declines. Pussies, all of them. Finally get a capsuleer that graduated a month after me to bite, but hes in a shield hurricane and wants to play at a safespot. I am in a cyclone. Confirming it did not end well. 50% armor remaining on him when I exploded. Might have had him but a comms panel exploded, causing temporary blindness and I did not have the ability to click the injector in time. Almost lost the pod.

Head back to Rens and build two more, turn around and motor back towards Auga. En route to faction space there are some friendlies asking for pilots to join fleet. I oblige and get to he Huola gate just as one of the members gets aggressed by a harbinger. Shameful pilot that refused to duel me.  Would have taken me with that fit, shame he has no balls. Intel says there are two WTs in Arzad, just 5 jumps away. Most of the fleet go one way, I go the shorter way.

Jump into Roushzar, Neutral pilot in a Tengu. Tackles me and opens fire. My systems are pretty well warmed up and this ship has just been assembled, so I shoot back. He is not doing significant damage to me, but the length of the battle is starting to take its toll. My cap is emptying and the cap injector can't keep up, my armor is all but gone, and I have some structure bleed. Mechanic is gunna punch me in the face when he sees this.

Friendly bomber shows up at some point, paints the target for me and damps the tengu (not really needed, HAMs won't hit his bomber, and I'm nose to nose with him). A fleet member in a tackler shows up but the tengu starts deaggressing hoping to jump out of the system, so I tell him to jump to the other side and overload my guns. My shields are back up to full HP, my guns are mostly burnt out and hes jumping out at any second. Risk more heat, fleet members finally start to land in system, another friendly bomber launches a salv of missiles and that ends the tengu.

Did I really just (mostly) solo a GCCed tengu in a Cyclone? Did one of the bombers seriously get the killmail? SO MUCH RAGE. I was so angry and excited I accidentally the local channel after he exploded. -

[ 2011.04.18 06:18:55 ] Aznwithbeard > fuck you
[ 2011.04.18 06:19:52 ] Aznwithbeard > sorry i got excited. gf
[ 2011.04.18 06:19:59 ] triplesol69 > gf
[ 2011.04.18 06:20:56 ] CazbonC26 > gf guys

Shame it wasn't a solo kill though, I'd have bragging rights for days if it was.

Docked back up in Huola to spot repair my ship. Fleet member in a bomber went to go scout Arzad, seemed to take him a while. Intel says the WT is in a drake and almost just took down one of our brothers ships. Fleet is en route, but the WT docks up when I jump into system to bait.Warp around a bit, find a neutral pilot in a tengu on the gate with me. He jumps, I jump. I'm feeling lucky even thought we really only have 2 or 3 DPS ships and a bunch of frigates, so I scramble its engines. At that same moment, the WT drake undocks and aggresses one of our fleet members hurricane. I tell everyone to not worry bout the tengu and go kill the drake, but at this point the tengu has aggressed one of  our frig pilots (who GCCed in a taranis) as I warp off. One of our harbingers opens fire on him and it seems the drake is a non-issue, I spin around and help the binger pilot take down the MIGHTY T3.  Two T3 kills in one night, and neither is faction fit.... shame. We lose a sabre, taranis, and bomber in the fight however (why are frigates shooting neutral T3s on gates?), my thoughts go out to the crews who lost their lives. Dock back up and send loot to the downed pilots, rep my completely overheated mods (once again) and prepare to undock.

Smith opens up a channel and demands I come back to Auga and sleep, or no nookie for a month. I'm quite tired anyway, and nookie is nookie. Make my way back and our FC crossjumps a Hurricane, I miss the scram and the rest of fleet is behind me. He docks and I start motoring back home. He eventually lands at range from our FC and engages. I am only one jump out and eventually get in on the action. Its the Hurricane pilot I dueled earlier in the night. A chance at redemption, sort of. I overheat my MWD and eventually land a scrambler on the damned thing, at which point it melts under BC, Navy cruiser, and frigate fire. 

Scoop the loot and motor back to Auga. Dock the ship, write down the cyclones launch codes and hand it to the on-duty mechanic, who promptly throws a box of Phased Plasma S at my face.

Mechanic - " You literally got this ship three hours ago, its already been in hull twice, its invul burnt out once, two guns and all its rockets are currently offlined, and your entire midslot rack is 90% burnt out!!!"

I turn to the mechanic, smile at him, turn on the view screen and load up the current list of ships killed in the past three hours. His eyes open real wide, his jaw gapes wide open, and I calmly state "all in a days work for The Republic."

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