Monday, April 4, 2011

(OOC) Come on guys, Its just a video game

I haven't been logging in Azn much as

1.) hes training cov ops 5 and I have no need to update queue and
2.) I've been (blech) mission running with newports to get the required standings for a jump clone (finally complete)

I know I can just make a clone at any number of nulsec stations, however TBH hes already in +5s and I can't afford to replace them, I don't need a JC in nul, and I could use the ISK.

Wound up with like 100K LP for Brutor Tribe, made about 200k worth of RF ammo and have had to log newports in a few times daily to modify the price (market pvp ftw) and to throw new things on his queue (got a LOT of support skills to catch up on)

Okay now that explanations are over I decided to post something related to the pure blobbing I have seen as of late. I spent TWO hours last night and a few hours today running around lowsec looking for a GF in my myrm. Found a gang that wanted to fight and quickly recruited some numbers, but the gang REFUSED to jump into us, or let us jump into them (kept themselves around 50KM  from gate and had a lachesis). My question is, what good is a seven man arty/LR BC gang with ONE lachesis good for other then ganking one slow moving ship (ab/mwdless etc). Are you that much of a pansy that you need  6 other BCs to help you alpha the ONE target your going to MAYBE hold point on?

Today as I was looking for a fight solo I had a gang of frigs/dessis run away from me TWICE, as well as a few lone BCs. I saw another (friendly) solo Pilot in a Stabber Fleet Issue (sfi), asking for help in the system which gate I was currently sitting on as he had a Rapier tackled. I quickly jumped in and entered the fight when all of a sudden Their gang landed. Now, before I continue I am going to ask/state a few obvious observations/questions.

1. Why was your bait ship a rapier?
2. Did you really need a claymore, scimitar, falcon, curse, rapier, maller, drake, and incursus to take out a stabber fleet issue? 
3. How did it feel to lose your baiting rapier to 4 non fleeted militia members and not kill anything.
4. Do you think that it was really necessary/smart to drop seven points (no scrams, all points) on the Active tanking, MWDing Myrm 10KM from the gate and burning back when your DPS was probably around 800?
5. If you intended to fight me, why perma-jam the now unaggressed heavily tanked battlecruiser? 
6. Why did you have no one holding aggro/on the other side of the gate, allowing me to jump through and warp away to safety?

There are probably more questions I need answered, but it's futile, they never will be :(

Seriously tho, EVE is a video game, you will not ACTUALLY DIE if you lose a ship. I am MORE THEN WILLING to fight just for a GF, even if I lose, as long as I don't get blobbed. People need to look down, remember what gender they are, and try to actually fight more, and not blob.

If you are the evil gender, then please get off of EVE, Make me a sandwich, also I have laundry that needs to get done.

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