Monday, April 25, 2011

Some Random Questions (ooc)

I sent out some eve-mails asking people to send me some questions they may have about me, FW, PVP, etc. I got a decent number of replies, and a few duplicate answers.  Without further adieu;

Are you really Asian? - No, 1/2 Italian and 1/2 a euro mutt.

Do you have a beard? Yea, my girl hates it when I shave my face.

Y U NO FLY FRIGATES ANYMOAR!?  I feel as though frigates are way too fragile for my type of flying. If I am flying a frigate, Its generally T1, as T2 Frig prices are just dumb. (20-25 mil for T2 frig, or 20-30 mil for t2 Fit cruiser, which outdps and outtanks the frigs)

What is your vision of a "good fight"? A fight where you do not know who is going to win before the engagement begins. Where we know what they have, they know what we have, no one hot drops, no one brings in reinforcements, just a good old fashioned slug-fest (preferably with no ewar or logistics)

Male or female in real life? Male

Male or female toon i game? 2 toons, both male. My gf has a toon on my alts account, which is female (and she never plays), and has never had an active training queue.

Why did you pick what you picked? I have always been drawn to being the underdog, though, as I now have 2 minmatar pvp toons, i really wish one was either gallente or amarrian (for the battleships)

What do you think of people who play the opposite sex in Eve (or any game)? If they like playing it, let em play it. It has no bearing on me to be honest. I do hate that men drool over females playing MMORGS or FPS etc. You guys need to leave your house more.

Martial status? On and off with my girl for 4.5 years, who is currently pushing for marriage and children.

If you are in a relationship, what does your partner think about eve and the time you spend on eve?  Its definitely been a problem since day one. When I play console games it does not bother her, hell sometimes shell take the controller from me (she loves call of duty) but for some reason, she HATES EVE WITH A PASSION. The only reason she has a toon was for when she was living at her parents, and I didn't pick up the phone. She would log in eve and PM me. However, in her defense, I play this stupid game way too much and should (and have been trying to) log off when she gets home from work.

If you were to get married, would your eve playing habits change? If so, how? That, my friend, is a good question. THBI currently live with the girlfriend, so I don't think marriage would change it too much, I think children would, though.

If you were to get married, if your spouse played eve, do you think that would help or hurt your marriage? Why? I think it would be awesome to be able to fly around with my lady blowing shit up. That could be construed as "her and me" time right?

Does any member of your family play eve? I know absolutely no one IRL who plays eve.

Why Minmatar FW? Some of the other corps/alliances I was in had "scheduled" PVP or CTAs. I didn't really want to do that anymore. I want to log in, shoot stuff, and log off. Logging in at 4am to shoot a POS tower or fight an enemy BS fleet is just kind of.... stupid/obsessive to me.

What do you like best of FW? an endless amount of bible-thumpers to kill.

What do you like the least of FW? The fact that our side (as well as our enemies) feel the need to outclass/number their targets before engaging, almost every time.

What would be your ultimate adventure for one night of fw? To where? flying what? Against whom or for what purpose? A night long battle royale, just fighting across a few systems for several hours. Constant explosions on both sides, you died? reship and get back into the fight. No cap drops, no blobs, just good old fashioned brawling all night.

How do you finance or make isk for continued PvP? Since joining my first nulsec alliance ( that would also be the time I started PVPing) I generally made money by scooping the loot of downed enemy ships, saving them up, and selling it in highsec, which I still do to this day. Every once in a while I'll get lucky and find an offlined pos (or ridiculously stupid person in a faction fitted ship)  with officer/deadspace/faction mods in it, which is always nice. I have never actually bought a plex or GTC, which I am kind of proud of.

Does being in Factional Warfare handicap or enhance your ability to finance the continued PvP? Ehh, I have been in it for about 3 months, and I have about the same amount of ISK I had when I started so I'd say about the same. Maybe a little more of a pain as I die more regularly. However I could do some FW missions and make massive isk (apparently) if I need to.

Is the amount of isk earned from doing Factional Warfare missions equal to regular missions? you get A LOT of LP for doing almost nothing in FW missions, also, certain items from the TLF ( tribal liberation force [the main entity of fw] ) store are discounted GREATLY giving you a lot more isk/LP. For example, a stabber fleet issue costs only 45k LP from the TLF store whereas its 90k (100k?) LP from somewhere like Brutor Tribe.

While in Factional Warfare, can Player Corporations not involved with Factional Warfare declare war on your Corporation? Yes, and Vice versa. I can wardec any corporation I want at the moment, just as they can wardec me.

Is there a lot of Pod kill's in Factional Warfare? All the time ( ive been lucky so far)

Do you use Jump Clones? yea, but mostly to move between the implants I have installed, not to relocate

Attribute and Hardwiring Implants installed? Both usually.

What level or type of implants? Between my toons I have +2s, +3s,+4s,+5s, LG slaves, LG crystals. I think everything but the +2s have hardwiring installed as well.

Favorite Fight? Without a doubt this.  I Used to take out small cruiser gangs like that all the time just looking for fights, and for some reason, That has always just been like, my favorite fight, 3 cruisers, a bomber, and a (very new player who was way too close) dictor vs a recon, a BC, and a bomber where everything dies but me and two bombers? Awesome fun. I remember being at like 15% structure when the brutix finally went down, trying to loot the field with around 10 hostiles in the station we just fought on; Was all good fun though.

Favorite ship? I don't really have one. I have my own flavors of the month (bellicose at the moment). If I had to pick I would say Cyclone or rupture. Theyre both REALLY awesome ships that can be fit quite cheaply and put the hurt on. (another favorite is myrmidon, but to be honest it costs about double what the cyclone does, and I am cheap IG and IRL.)

Favorite Previous Corp? MSCS, part of UK. Only Corp that really made me feel like I was part of a family.

If I missed a question, or have some of your own, feel free to drop me a line.

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