Friday, April 8, 2011

I feel like such a scrub

Plugged in my interface and decided it was time to take out my cyclone for it's last roam. I've had it for about two weeks and for an active tanking battle-cruiser that sees heavy use (also, its minmatar), that's a long time. Smith says the hull plating is about to rot through, the engine is on its last legs, the headlight bulb is burnt out, and I might have rammed her into another ship last week, bending the shit out of the left sides front fin thingy.

Anyway, I look everywhere and find nothing, and as I am getting near Auga, my corpmates start chatting in the public comms channel and I tell them that I am looking around and not finding anything. Rod says he'll grab a nano-hurricane and catch up, Ren says he'll probably show up, then I find a criminal in a Gila.

I've seen gilas around before, know they're generally shield tanking drone boats sprinkled with some missile spam. I figure his DPS won't kick the crap out of my active tank, and with Rod in a nano cane, we should be alright. Criminal wants to play, and tells me to warp to the sun. At that moment some war targets enter the area. Too late, I'm in warp, land 100km from the gila. Friendly aries arrives as I slowboat towards the gila. He drops curatorIIs, I cross myself. Get to about 30km and hit the microwarp, Call Rod in and barely miss scrambling the criminal (was in range, I just didn't hit the buttion in time) as he volleys the friendly inty. War targets start showing up in some cruisers and I overheat the MWD to get some range, Rods still got a point and I'm figuring the gila is gunna die.

WTs are chasing me, Gila is 70KM from me, look down and see my mwd is almost burnt out, let off the heat, she starts slowing down and I spin around to get back into the fight. mid the mwd and start burning back, goes for one cycle then shuts down and I drop back down to 200m/s. What the hell, I wasn't over heating, why did it..... STUPID DAMNED INVULNERABILITY FIELD. I forgot to turn off the heat on that, and it killed the MWD. Stupid rookie mistake, I'm not pointed, theres a station here, line up and warp myself to the station.  Wartargets follow me. Rendeath helping rod as I dock, not sure whats going on. Repair the MWD, turn it online, undock and only one wt outside, oh now two, other one docks/undocks to follow me out.

Rod says he needs to bail soon, wait what? Warp to him and land approximately 50km from the Gila. I get closer but Rod needs to go, not sure what Rendeath is doing. As I get close to the gila, WTs start to land, stiletto first, then three cruisers. Gila bails, Rods off the field, Ren is....... doing something? I'm not sure but I figure what the hell, I'll take on these guys, Rod can come back in the cane and help me rape them. Align to station and MWD. stiletto is at 70km, 50, 30, disrupting my engines.Start loading up barrage and locking the rupture thats flying in incredibly fast. Spin around and overload the MW and the scram..... 15km... 14..... 12.... 14...... 16. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. Didn't inject cap quick enough, MWD cut out, rupture got away.

I've been chewing boosters for a solid minute running the MWD and the shield booster, and screwed up again. Rupture stays at range and the vexor gets close. Vexor gets scrammed. I get scrammedand webbed. Vexor has 1600mm plate and small guns. GREATTTT. Gila shows up again, omen comes in close too, but I'm already looking to spam warp. Overload everything and prey the vexor goes down. Not gunna happen, he hits about 50% armor and I'm bleeding structure, single booster can not keep up, explosions. Rod lands as I wave goodbye to the wreck, I'm busy making sure smiths okay, all the while cursing incessantly.

(OOC - at this point I am fuming, soo many mistakes, on so many levels, I walk away from keyboard and screw around for 10 minutes before I come back to EVE)

Screw ups - why they happened, and how to fix them.

First and formost, Rod was in a malediction, not a nano cane. He was gunna grab it, but when I said "gila" he just came in what he was flying already. His bad for not telling me, my bad for not looking (fleet comp ftw). I wouldn't have engaged the gila if I knew he was in a inty, and I wouldn't have let the WTs tackle me either. Live and learn.

We formed up rather quickly, didn't join voice or ts3 or anything, that that probably would have fixed the whole "oh your in a malediction" problem. Hell I was already engaging the gila and rendeath wasn't even in fleet yet. Also, if I hadn't been busy typing I'd have caught the scram on the gila/rupture and might have noticed that my invul was still heated.

Seriously though, I was so pissed off after this because I failed so hard. I should have been able to kill the WTs (or at least most of them) by myself. Shield Ruptures melt, Omens are MEH, and Vexors with small guns are quite easily tankable. I like to think of myself as generally a good pvper, and this one sent me back to kindergarten.

Here is the loss of my precious cyclone. Rod got alphaed by the gilas sentries, and all in all we lost about 55 mil. The gila pilot ( very good pilot, go watch his vids) proceeded to help kill me, kill rod, then kill the WTs in the omen and vexor. Nuts, but at least our isk/loss/destroyed improved.

At the end of the day we all make mistakes, but I really really really played that one badly. Live and learn I guess.

Just one more thing
From: Don Pellegrino
Sent: 2011.04.08 03:32
To: Aznwithbeard, 

[03:26:43] Aznwithbeard > nice dude thanks. good fight, next time ill try not to be such a scrub.

Don't worry, you clearly didn't fight like a scrub.
I'm used to fighting people that never fight outside of fleets of 50-1500 people and totally FREEZE whenever they get into a smaller scale fight where their targets are actually shooting back.

I'll be using that clip after another one where I fight a Typhoon, Brutix and Drake and kill the Drake, then watch them run. Your piloting won't be looking bad at all!

thanks again for the cool fight, cya


Oh good, now I get to watch myself being beaten over and over in a nice new video. DAMMIT.


  1. I get to be in the video helping Don kill WT's :P

  2. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who still noobs out after 3 years playing this game. I get turned around all the time, probably from flying too many damn different ships all the time.

    Oh, and I was the guy in the glass-cannon Omen. ;)