Monday, April 11, 2011

So like wait, what?

OMGROFLSTOMP had its first corp roam today. We were all (3) actually online and able to fly around, so we decided to hit providence. We each grabbed some shield tanked Hurricanes and flew through provi. It was completely dead.

Rod flys in provi a lot and gave us a destination leading out into the Catch region. After a few empty systems we ran into systems with 20+ in local and large mobile warp disruptors around the inbound and outbound gates.  We moved through a few and took a brief moment to blow one of them up, holy crap do they have some tank on them. As we were blowing it up a neutral pilot in a noob ship jumped into the system, whom we instantly locked, killed, and podded.

We moved up a few more packed systems with more bubbles and as I landed on the destination system, another pilot jumped in. In a dominix. I quickly pointed and had Rod and Ren warp to me, as they landed another pilot in a drake did as well. The dominix wound up being pretty much bait fitted and completely emptied my capacitor with his neuts. The drake was not in point range yet and the domi only had a short point and I was keeping range, I could have warped out but decided that the domi was almost dead and my gang would rape the Drake. He webbed and scrammed me and quickly was right next to me launching salv after salv of missiles on top of me. Then all of a sudden multiple (now) hostile people landed and I told rod and ren to bail, as I was screwed.

The drake was actually into armor when I popped, Rod managed to solo A dramiel before being perma jammed, and we all died in glorious battle.

Here is the battle report.

Seriously though? 5 Battleships, 5 Battlecruisers, 3 Recons, and some tacklers to kill a three man BC fleet?


Was a fun time, I haven't been deep in nulsec for quite a while, definately planning to do this again.

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