Wednesday, April 13, 2011

AAR 04/13/11

I plugged into my neural interface to see in one of our intel communication channels that a brother was asking for people to gather in Auga to fight an enemy fleet that had decided to run a blockade on our undock for about an hour. As our pilots were gathering the enemy fleet decided to leave the system but we were going to try to hunt them down regardless. The FC called for shield tanking battlecruisers or smaller, and as the only shield tanking ship I had was a freshly bought and fit stabber, I decided to take my Bellicose of Doom ™. This Marvel of engineering is a (poorly) armor tanked E-War platform with no rigs welded on or point fit.

As a scout attempted to find the Amarrian gang, a brother suggested through type (I guess he is having communication implant issues like I was last month) that we go and attempt to bait Heretic Army into a fight on the Ossagur gate in Amamake. They were NOT having it as they had a scout in system, and our scout had found nothing of note in any surrounding systems except for Huola, the hoodieheads home system. We attempted to bait there as well, and one of our Drake pilots actually got aggression from a WT wolf on their undock, alas he warped off (either stabbed or got out of range of our drakes short point) and left the field. I called for fleet not to help the drake pilot as, well, it was just a wolf shooting at him.

No need for blobbing tbqfh.

The intel channel lit up with sightings of a pirate fleet in our area, and I suggested to the FC that we go fight it. He agreed and we moved at speed to engage. I decided to start scouting as our previous scout was ALSO having communication implant issues, and I wanted to fight them with our FC having full knowledge of what was happening. I had found the pirate fleet, they were somewhere in system but not on any of the stargates. As I was searching for them a WT fleet that had been reported had also jumped into system. (this was mostly the same fleet that had blockaded our system previously, seems they reformed after they got some intel on us, and grabbed some bigger ships). I decided to check the gate from which they came from at range, and landed right on top of a WT in a bomber. How embarrassing for him, he got blown up by someone without a way to keep him on the field.

Anyway the WT fleet was engaging the pirate fleet, so as I was blowing up the bomber and throwing various E-war at anyone in range, I called for the fleet to land at range. As the fleet landed the pirates had all but given up, and we were unable to catch anyone in time as our war targets fleet-warped off the field. Our FCs fatigue was starting to show, and he asked me to take over. I agreed and had the fleet fall back to the system of Vard. The war targets jumped into Ezzara and landed on the Vard gate, at which point I had our fleet jump in to engage. Apparently the WTs were not feeling good enough about their higher ship classes and bigger numbers, and instantly warped off the field, save one harbinger which we managed to point, which melted rather quickly.

We kept attempting to fight them, and they would not engage us. After a bit of warping around and getting quite agitated, as FC I finally decided that we were going to stay on the Auga gate in Dal, Drones out and wait for the battle. The Amarrians (after 30 minutes of yelling at their scout to engage in local) finally showed up on the other side of the gate, but at range. I did not want to jump into a outclassed/numbered gang at range, (our 2 logis would just get murdered and everything would die quickly afterwords). On one of the other intel channels a brother said he would be taking in a small gang to engage them on the other side, and if we would jump in after. Distraction is a good thing, and I agreed.  Our brothers landed and engaged the hostiles, and I called the fleet to jump. I called the nearest battlecruisers as targets and the fight began. Our logis both had a few flights of ECM drones on them and kept getting jammed, but we were beginning to work through them.

They started shooting at my bellicose as the last close battlecruiser was going down, and I aligned for the sun. Eran Mintors tempest was the new primary and I called an apoc, and a close by hyperion to be killed afterwords. My shields were stripped in one volley, half armor in another, logis each got a rep off of me and my shields went back to full, then immediately gone. Armor gone with some structure damage, another shield rep. Shields gone, more structure gone. Mintor dies, I warp. Oh, did I forget to mention no one was pointing me?  I tell the fleet I am off field and will be returning, and to keep firing on the previously stated targets. I spin around, ask for shield when I land and return to see the enemies apoc and hyperion were down. As I land I see enemies starting to flee, and which point I ask for all points spread. Alas we only catch a Abaddon, which dies without even a wimper. 

Good fights were exchanged in local, and we looted the field. I asked to be contracted all loot to spread it out for the pilots who lost ships, and got (most) of it. I looked through the logs and noticed some pilots did not give up all they had looted, which is sad, but what can you do. The smaller gang that initially aggressed the enemies had only lost a battlecruiser, which i promptly traded all fittings back (comparatively speaking).

The battle report.

The enyo and manticore on our side as well as the ishkur on the enemies were not part of the main fight, but otherwise it shows what we lost and what we killed.  We killed pretty much double what we lost, which is a good time for me, PLUS we actually got a real fight for once, which is always appreciated. Even though it looks like we had a lot more numbers then them, a few of our pilots reshipped and came back, or were just not involved in the main fight.

In any case, it was a good time.

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