Monday, April 18, 2011

Sleepless night #1

Wake up shaking from the nights latest nightmare, thankfully didn't wake Smith. Browse the intel channels as I walk to the hanger deck. Militia member wants some support, fast skirmish ships that can get out easily. My crew leader asks who I want roused out of bed? I say let them sleep. Ask him if he can man the few vital systems I can not by himself. He says he'll try. We jump in a freshly build Stabber Class Cruiser.

Meet up with the fleet and we head towards providence, the region is pretty quiet these days but I hope one day Ushra'Khan can secure the region once again and return it to its slave-less roots. Tea kills himself a dramiel and a malediction in 4B- as on of our pilots asks for help in KBP. We make haste, but he loses his Caracal Navy Issue to a few neutral pilots in pirate hulls en route. We attempt to engage again, but they run to highsec.

Militia member reporting a BC gang of 5 in a lowsec system nearby, Kamela, and we make haste for the system. We tell the pilot (who has a fleet of his own, but can not take the gang by themselves) to aggress the gang, but the communication comes to late and we are forced to jump into Kamela by the Amarr navy, and the enemy gang scatters into space like rats.

We kill of a slaver as he attempts to meet up with his gang, then move back into Kourmonen and spread out in attempt to find more. After a while, I start attacking a Hurricane on a nearby station, which does not agress me. I go back to the Huola stargate by myself to hold the gate while the fleet runs around. Hurricane pilot lands on top of me, starts shooting. I'm scrambled and my tank is breaking, but I do not want to leave the field until the fleet has a confirmed point. Someone in fleet jumps into me, gets point, and I jump into Huola, spin around, and jump back into Kourm. Seems a Harbinger has landed as well, Kill the cane, Point the harbinger,  pop the hurricane pilots capsule, and destroy the Harbinger. Almost lost one of our frigs, but he lasted longer then the Harbinger.

Another Hurricane lands shortly after, Tea gets a scram on it and it dies, but  we lose teaearlgrays dramiel in the process.

A bit later I dock up to find some crewmen awake, and ask them If they'd like a chance to help fly a battlecruiser from the bridge with the captain. They agree. Its not very often that you see mere crewmen running gunnery, engineering, and propulsion systems, right place right time, and a good story for them, If they make it out alive. We undock a cyclone and make our way back to the huola stargate.

A fleet member finds a Legion at range in a complex in Huola, and warps to his safespot near the legion as the legion warps to the beacon at zero. Seems the legion pilot want to play and our harbinger pilot warps back down and aggress the enemys legion. Points called, I jump in, not sure if we have enough to take him. Harbinger pilot starts getting jumpy on comms, seems his tank is failing and he needs to bail. One of our frigates land, gets point and the Harbinger pulls out. I land and grab secondary point, tell frigate pilot to pull range. Legion starts opening up on me, and he hurts. Some stragglers ask me to wait to kill him, so we can all share the glory, and I do for a moment. Legion is shortly after repped back up to full health and my tank is starting to break, I can not wait any longer and tell everyone to destroy it. I am not losing crewmen and ship for another capsuleers glory.

I scoop the faction/deadspace loot and hurry back to Kourmonen. As the crew and I repair my ships badly overheated modules, the fleet discusses what to do with the modules. We finally decide that I would buy them out, and sell off the looted items whenever I got the chance. (it was gone in 30 minutes). Seems a wartarget in a harbinger wanted A fight in Huola, and agresses one of our pilots. Fleet member aggresses back, and a neutral in a guardian starts repping the war target. I land last, the guardian is too far off so I call for overload at which point the Harbinger dies. Don't know if he would have died had we not overloaded TBH.

A friend of mine then tells me of a fleet on the Dital gate in KBP of approximately 6 BC and 2 BS (including a Bhaalgorn). We quickly get in BCs and end up being 6 BCs and a neutral buddy in a thorax. We take pretty long to reship, and now a gang of wartarget BCs are in the area.

One of our fleet aggresses a lone Hurricane on the huola gate, at which point I decide to go help, even though its a trap. Almost kill the hurricane before his gang arrives, pretty much 10 BCs with 2 guardians. Fun. I'm webbed, neuted, and scrammed, but not primary. Another Pilot has a long point on me. I look at my crewmens faces as I drop some jam drones and aggress the pilot shooting me. Tell my crewmember at gunnery to overload all guns, tell propulsion to ready the overheat of the MWD if we can get it, and tell engineering to make sure that cap injects perfectly.  Align to the Lamaa gate, Jam hits, overload the MWD, 1k, 4k, 6k, 7k and my jams miss. Webbed again but inertia gives me the range i need. Quickly move out of long point range and warp away. We lost a drake and a hurricane, they lost nothing.

Takes us a bit for the pilots who lost ships to get into other ones, but it eventually gets done. Bait drakes go into KBP first and start firing, the neutral fleet begins to.... jump out? WHAT? At this point I am tired, head back to Auga, shaking my head the whole way back at the pilots who would run from a gang smaller and outclassed. Hit the station, tell the crew members to get some shut eye, and roll into bed.

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