Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Azn gets inter-militia aggro (OOC)

Private Communication log ----------------------------------------------------------------

[04:05:50] Sekret > You mad at me?"
[04:06:37] Sekret > Did I do wrong?
[04:06:46] Sekret > to you?
[04:10:01] Sekret > Did I offend you somehow?
[04:10:28] Sekret > Other than telling you the truth about what Mara and others said about you in corp chat?
[04:11:25] Sekret > Nasty is your friend so are many of them... others not so much.
[04:16:47] Sekret Well, dude, I guess you only want to talk one direction so ... you just have a nice day.  I'm not giving you shit in militia chat, unless you start it, no reason for you to handle it any other way.
[04:43:32] Aznwithbeard > was afk, what now?
[04:43:44] Sekret > Nothing, what have I done to offend you?
[04:44:00] Aznwithbeard > not today, no lol
[04:44:11] Sekret > Then the other day?
[04:44:15] Aznwithbeard > whats this stuff u speak of regarding ppl smacking me?
[04:44:48] Sekret > You read it, do you really want it said again?  I do not lie.
[04:45:28] Aznwithbeard > [04:10:28] Sekret > Other than telling you the truth about what Mara and others said about you in corp chat? is the only thing i read
[04:45:30] Sekret > There are people in TRIAD who think you drink too much, cuss too much and are a sloppy FC...
[04:45:56] Sekret > Mara does not like the way you talk when you are an FC and unbless does not trust you.
[04:46:23] Sekret > He thinks you lead fleets to their doom...  I dont know what they will tell you when you ask and really I dont give a shit.
[04:46:38] Aznwithbeard > didnt plan on asking em. lol

[04:47:32] Aznwithbeard > doesnt like the way i speak when i FC? lol
[04:47:46] Sekret > He thinks you drink too much and cuss too much.
[04:48:01] Aznwithbeard > gotta be mara.
[04:48:03] Sekret > **statement removed to protect the player**
[04:48:23] Sekret > **statement removed to protect the player**
[04:48:37] Aznwithbeard >**statement removed to protect the player**
[04:49:18] Garrmor > Course not... not without Mara pushing it and restrepo...  That corp is fighting a religious battle internally and that is fine.  **statement removed to protect the player**
[04:49:53] Garrmor >**statement removed to protect the player**
[04:50:09] Garrmor >**statement removed to protect the player**
[04:50:52] Aznwithbeard > uhh
[04:51:14] Aznwithbeard > i said "**statement removed to protect the player**" i just knew it was comin from the other day.
[04:52:46] Sekret > Umm, ok, my bad, well it got you information you might not have gotten. **statement removed to protect the player**
[04:53:20] Aznwithbeard > gotcha.
[04:53:22] Sekret >**statement removed to protect the player**
[04:53:46] Sekret > but what I told you is what was said in corp chat
[04:54:06] Aznwithbeard > it happens.
[04:54:14] Sekret > Unbless is definately not your friend, Anya is... Mara is not...
[04:54:47] Sekret > Me, I hold your whole corp suspect but I think it is a vetting issue more than anything else.
[04:54:58] Sekret > Im just being honest.
[04:55:02] Aznwithbeard > vetting?
[04:55:03] Aznwithbeard > suspect?
[04:55:06] Aznwithbeard > huh?
[04:55:12] Sekret > Yeah, pirates slip into every corp.
[04:55:18] Sekret > TRIAD included.
[04:55:28] Aznwithbeard > lol
[04:55:53] Sekret > The other evening they were pissed at you because you advertised fleet in the fleet window.  Me I think that is hardly reason to get an attitude... they do.
[04:56:14] Sekret > Way I see it you advertize fleet but not comp.
[04:56:35] Sekret > You want pilots you advertize, but folks are vetted by the FC and those he knows best.
[04:56:52] Aznwithbeard > lets see, me + the other guy that started the corp with me are EX Ushra khan. I have an EX NOIR pilot i flew with for awhile,, someone ive known for a year, and one random dude thats kind of new  [to pvp]. i think my corp is OK. lol
[04:56:55] Sekret > They dont think that way and that is why they are getting there asses kicked in Vard.
[04:57:31] Aznwithbeard > wat is "vetted"?
[04:57:34] Sekret > Well that and Unbless has a plan to take Vard and stage it to take Ama from the pirates?
[04:58:01] Sekret > Vetted means, "identified by a trusted person as another trusted person."
[04:58:37] Aznwithbeard > gotcha.
[04:58:49] Sekre t> You use your trusted friends to identify their trusted friends... thereby minimizing the risk of untrustworthy joiners.
[04:59:08] Sekret > Well anyway it is late for me...  Sleep well.

* Random quotes taken from Militia as I was AFK and not responding to private comms channel*

[ 2011.04.28 03:55:57 ] Sekret > You should have heard the things they said about you in fleet chat,  Azn, the stuff you could not hear.  Sekret LOLS at Azn.
[ 2011.04.28 03:56:24 ] Sekret > Drunk, strong language, all that crap Azn.
[ 2011.04.28 03:58:47 ] Sekret > But Azn, don't give me shit here when they say the same things about you behind your back.
[ 2011.04.28 04:02:37 ] Sekret > Guess Azn gave up on me.
[ 2011.04.28 04:20:17 ] Sekret > But yes, that is exactly what I heard in that corp chat channel...  The night you took over for nitro and told everyone to STFU... *** [ I had still not responded in any channels at this point, he just thought he should reinforce his point 20 minutes later I guess] ***

I drink too much, curse too much, and yell at people when I FC. Goddamn is there any other mother fuckin way to live? Free beers on me. Lets drink til gallente trollops look hot.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

On a side note, a special welcome to Shane Wolfe, our newest member,  over one year known IG and trusted leader of our ever expanding (lol) carebear detachment.

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  1. What a bunch of fuckin pussies. That's all I have to say about that.