Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What websites I surf (ooc) [eve related]

I don't give you guys much in this other then battles, trolling, and some loosely pirated ideas from other blogs, so, like.... sorry?

I am pretty much doing this like I do in game, I PVP, I mess with people in locals, and every once in a hwile I try to help out a noob. I don't really PVE, and I for damned sure don't sit down with a pen and paper trying to figure out what my best ISK per LP is, or figure out how to play the market to make my ISK, I am not that patient, business savvy, or have any desire to. 90% of all my isk (since I started pvping) has been made by killing, looting, and salvaging. If I ever get low enough isk wise, I can always PVE with my alt or use cheaper (ok IDK how I can fly any cheaper, T1 fit thrashers again 4tw?).

Okay enough explanations, I don't really have too many people reading this (i guess? drop me a comment every once in a while if your reading this!)  and they all pretty much know me, what I am about, and what I do.

I figured I would drop some links from websites I surf when I am not actively trying to shoot someones face off, why I do them, and (sometimes) why they help me.

First and foremost this

Youtube with eve online "solo" PVP in the search field. Not too many awesome/freshly posted vids, but a LOT of good older stuff. I like seeing the different tactics, ships, and fights that people have done, and wish I had a computer able enough for me to do this. Maybe someday.

Ancy denaries podlog

Hes not really blogging atm, but his was the first I really liked as he does some IC stuffthat can be kind of funny. Good stuff if you go back to last year.

Mara Abrahams blog

A newer blogger (like me) but hes updating pretty regularly, and has some interesting RP stuff mixed in as well. Some strange stuff too, but hes kinda trying to do the same thing I am ( I think? ) without the profanity and laziness.  Hes FW and I support his attempt!

Declarations of War (NOIR blog)

Posts are pretty much monthly, kind of a radio show vibe and keeps me updated on what is going on in the EVE community, as I am generally to lazy and do not care enough to research on my own.

Bearing stuff

Eve mission reports

found a wormhole? need to see what its good for? Use this.

Want pricechecks in all regions. Use this  Slow to update and not 100% accurate, but good to use if you have no friends and want to buy things as cheap as possible.

Killboards -

My own
Minni Militia

Yes, it is a pain to keep all four updated. Thankfully eve-kill and my corps are on the same API pull, so I really don't look at eve-kill too much atm.

Dotlan - Irreplaceable while I am running a fleet in an area where I have no idea where I am. gives NPC kills, Jumped, ship/pod kills, sec status, sovereignty, etc. VERY nice. Only other option (tmk) Is to tape maps to my wall, and I am pretty sure that would REALLY upset my Mrs.

Combat Analyzer  Shown to me by Mara, gives an accurate reading of both your and enemy DPS throughout an engagement. Pretty cool graphing as well - example - last nights fight.

Don't care how many times I read it Vlad audits are ALWAYS entertaining to me.Hes got a great writing style which I (poorly) attempted to use for my own highsec war.

List of download-able PVP videos - Pretty self explanatory



This can be addicting

Awesome way of showing whats been goin on in EVE nulsec for three years

^ but that isn't EVE related.

Other then that just search the forums, try to find new things, I very rarely BM things unless I find them COMPLETELY useful, hilarious, or has lots of streaming vaginas.


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