Monday, March 28, 2011

Who runs outta cap boosters first (OOC)

Someone PMed me asking for 1v1 in BC, I asked what ship and he said "BC". Knowing that people generally say this when they are using a weird fit, or something they think is OP, I said ok whatever can is outside station.

TLDR this

85k EHP taken with a battlecruiser is awesome. He even gave me my loot back. There was a cyclone on contract with an anti-em, anti-therm, and extender rig 3 jumps away for 16 mil, so with my insurance money (14.2 mil) i went and bought it. I had leftover mods and the loot that he contracted back to me for fitting, So I lost about 2.5 mil on the deal after repping overheated mods. Not bad for a cool lookin mail.

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