Friday, July 15, 2011

Broken cont.

The day that Jasen and Azn were to converse came and went with not a message or communication of any kind between them. Azn decided to unplug and spend one last day with smith on the white sand beaches of Auga Prime since they were having wonderful weather there. By the time he got back into his CQ, showered and dressed, he was far too tired to hit the hanger or check on any communications.

The next day Azn decided to check the member count of Jasens corporation - it was at 7. Jasen held up his end, and Azn held up his. Two minutes after a brief conversation, papers were filed and Azn found himself in a new corporation, and with a shiny new button to wear on his chest to boot!

It was easier telling smith then he thought. She kinda saw it coming with the transfer of corporation ownership anyway. She sighed, promised to not close OMGROFLSTOMP as long as Azn still came to bed. Alone. He promised.

Now he had to look for a new XO. He couldn't afford to have Smith seriously wounded or dead anymore (or, ever, realistically) as if that were to happen, ownership of said corp would fall into concord hands and all ISK/standings/members were in the hands of CONCORD, and thats a dangerous game to play. But who would be up to such a task? Azn needed a constant stream of various hard liquor, cigarettes, and back massages to keep him from killing his crew. Not to mention various "trysts" on the captains chair. What to do what to do. He went back to his CQ after the documents were signed, hands were shook, and shots were.... shot? Crawled into bed and slept through the night.

One wardecced corporation immediately fled the constellation, members then dropped from said corporation and transferred to a renamed corporation to hide in the shadows of red tape and bureaucracy for a week. Fecking cowards. Fecking concord. Another corporation didn't show many members actually plugging in the first night. Yet the last, The Konvergent League, showed plugged in and active members around the Heimatar region. And they undocked! Interesting indeed, most corporations just cower in their stations for a week and choose not to fight. Seven man corporation verses a fifty man strong corporation? Doesn't matter, They usually just turtle up. These chaps show promise, and for that, I will try my very hardest to kill them all.

Once plugging into his neural interface Azn saw that he was the only member of his team online. "Shit, must have left the bar too early" he thought. "Maybe I'll just undock and see whats going on outside good old Brutor Tribe Treasury." 

Upon undocking Aznwithbeard came face to face with an enemy Sleipnir, who proceeded to initiate hostilities immediately. "Interesting bait, I accept." Azn thought as he opened fire. The previously spotted enemy hurricane lands next. Guess we know who's the new primary.  After finally locking up the Hurricane class battlecruiser SUDDENLY ABADDON. Mega pulse lasers? Not good. "Time to turtle" thought Azn as he overheated his shield booster, pulled in his drones, and unlocked his various targets.

75% structure remained on his Scorpion class battleship as he casually (awww feck it completely frantically), docked back into station, but a command ship, High DPS battlecrusier, and FECKING ABADDON shooting at you will do that..  This may prove to be an interesting war-week after all.

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