Saturday, July 16, 2011

- Broken cont.

After finishing up a nice meal of Tequila and Camel Menthols, Azn lazily stared out the window of his CQ. Or maybe that's a door, in any case it won't open. Anyway, he walked into his corporate hanger and saw his entire corporation save one member standing there. Introductions and hearty handshakes all around, then a corporate meeting consisting of evaluating player skills and ship fittings. Knew this was gunna be a PITA.

Undocked with the fleet and did a little run-about in the surrounding areas, a few targets around, but all are docked. Passed the time by making fun of eachothers mothers and trying to get Bunny to take her top off for a halo-reel. All we got was a nip-slip. As the fleet started to wind down and corporation members unplugged, Azn got wind of a war target approximately 15 jumps away, in Gallente highsec. Jumping into his Cyclone and dodging the various gate-guns and Minmatar security officers he left the Minmatar area and briskly made the jumps. It was weird not having an XO to make the jumps for him while he monitored other systems, but it was Okay, made his connection to his ship a little more tangible. Upon entering the system he looked through the local list and saw his wartarget, still in system. Warping to his last known whereabouts got Azn a visual confirmation of his target. On the station. In a retriever. Great, big waste of time.

Quick conversation with the docking manager and Azn was cleared to dock at General Hanger 0-1-2. Ignoring docking protocol Azn slammed down his MWD and knocked a Itty 5 hauler into a row of shuttles, breaking them to pieces. Oops. Sirens whaled and bay doors starting closing but the cyclone managed to squeeze past the last bay door on the level mostly intact (good bye little fin things!) and out into space face to face with the target in the retriever. At zero. Not moving. Feeling ballsy ehh? Two salvos later and the retriever exploded. Then came the locking. And locking. And more locking. Idiot got himself podded as well. Taking a piss in the back of the ship no doubt. Should learn to do that in the station, where you're marginally safe. Not an exceptional kill but not every death can be glorious... ya dig?

Two jumps to Dodixie and docked  at the hub. Damn these gallente chicks really are rediculously hot. Azn unplugs for the night. Smiths gunna be pissed.

The next morning Azn opens up a conversation with the chief, who had the honor of orbiting the seedy station with weapons primed and tanking modules active all night.

"Get the ship ready to depart ASAP. I Woke up this morning in some back room with a huge headache and the smell of urine in my nose. Not sure what thats about. Pants nowhere to be seen. Fedo running around with 3 knives stuck into it, blood and piss all over the place spread about in a sort of star shape, a test dummy with some sort of phallic instrument in its hindquarters no more then 10 feet away. We need to go RIGHT NOW, I'm stealing a shuttle. ETA 3 minutes."

He couldn't get out of Dodixie fast enough, he'd been there before but never stayed the night. Never again, never again.

I don't think you can make the jumps from Dodixie to Rens any faster then Azn did that day with his Cyclone. Didn't wait for his jumpcloak to drop, just warped immediately. Lots of pressure on the structure. Didn't even bother asking for permission to jump through the lesser traveled systems, materialized 2 Meters away from a megathron at one point. Little more to the right and they would have materialized right inside of it, that woulda hurt.

Upon getting into Rens he saw a few targets in local and decided to ignore all of Smiths eve-mails and attempts at direct communications. No time. Must get pants. Then kill. Docked, Showered twice in his new corporations hanger bathroom, grabbed the Scorp, went to BTT (Brutor Tribe Treasury, Hub of Rens). No one around. Eerie.

A few members log in. A few targets show up. A fleet is made. A plan formed. Azn undocks in his scorpion. Binger + rifter on the undock. Binger pilot is the Abaddon asshole from the other night. They both open fire, Azn sees the Sleipnir on scan. Lets do this.

Drones and web on rifter, Torps and scrambler on the binger. Sleipnir Doesn't show up. Hit the scan and when I come back the rifter had exploded. Odd, he wasn't tackled. Oh well, move web and drones to the binger. Oh, looks like hes deaggressed. Hit overload but he holds up. Docks in less then no armor. Pity. Corp member undocks from other station. Sleipnir there, not moving. AFK? Brutix and Phoon put it into low shields and then it docks. Pity. Seems Smith found a way to get into contact with me and I'm getting an earful, and so are my corp mates? She hacked our secure corporation channel?!?!? Reset the neural interface and our Brutix gets tackled. Having some issues plugging in. Finally in warp to the Brutix, locking the Sleipnir. Two bingers and a rifter land. YOU'RE ALL GUNNA DIE. They all die.  Except the previously mentioned abbadon pilot in his harbinger.  He runs into station and lets his corpmates die. Coward. Our brutix rapes the sleipnir and binger but eventually dies.  I get a second "killing frig with drones while not pointing them" medal. Apparently Jasen thought torps on it were a good idea. Gunna need to talk to him about that. Smith starts in again with the nagging, I unplug, this bitch is gunna get a beating.

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