Wednesday, July 27, 2011

First round of wardecs retracted.

Well, the first round of wars have all been concorded or retracted and, as none of them were particularly interesting, and also the fact that at least three other corporation members were AFK for a lot of last week, I'm just gunna throw them all in one post.

The Konvergent League Final tally:

Kills - harbinger, rifter, sleipnir, harbinger, rifter.  377.5 million ISK
Losses - Hurricane, Brutix. 118 million ISK

(Props to these guys for at least INITIALLY bringing some fight, they turtled up a bit after the sleipnir loss)

Manetheren Incorporated Final Tally (Dec One day long)

Kills - Retriever + Pod 14 million ISK
Losses - None

Tear Collectors Final Tally  -

Kills - Harpy, cane, cane, manticore - 177 million ISK
Losses - None

We were also wardecced by some pseudo-merc alliance "The God Squad" Who camped the Rens BTT undock all week with BS and neutral RR. I was not around for most of this and would not have engaged them anyway due to their faggotry.

I hope the our corp gets a little more active, myself included. If you are reading the OTHER parts of my blog, that may/may not be the case.

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