Tuesday, July 5, 2011

War update -

The war with Applied Industries has been retracted. I had a mutual friend as well as my brother open private communication channels with me to explain that the above named corporation had blue standings with my brothers alliance and was asked by him, Their CEO, and the CEO of the war target corporation to retract the dec. I did so for the small exchange of a myrmidon class battlecruiser. A gesture of good faith. I got a contract and retracted the wardec immediately through a known CONCORD friend.

I haven't seen much of Dynamic international Solutions, but perhaps I should start looking.

Pator tech corp has also evaded me for the time being. Perhaps I should undock from Rens.

The mercenary corporation has not shown itself either.

Total war cost thus far - 12 Million isk
Total amount gained - 1 myrmidon (32 million Isk)

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