Friday, July 1, 2011

(starting now) Monthly Loss report - June (ooc)

I figured I would start to do a recap of monthly losses, how/why I died, and what I could have done better ( if applicable) as I do not post for every loss or kill I make in any given month. So, without further adieu;

Myrm - Had some WT activity in Vard, no one seemed too willing to fight them. They were on the undock of six kin station with a ferox and a drake, other WT was docked. Smelled a trap, shot them a few times anyway, they docked a few times. Finally engaged and I called my backup in, some of which arrived to late to save my ass, however, killed the ferox. Sometimes you just gotta throw caution to the wind and overheat your reppers.

Cane - Decided to close down shop in curse, packed all my mods into the cane, sold off everything else Got caught by -A- two jumps out. Jet-canned the loot (probably about 100 mil) so it didn't show up on the KM.

Pod x2 - Patiently waited for -A- to tackle me, +2s not worth 18 jumps. Later, landed on station next to WT cynabal not in range of dock for the win.

Phoon - Fleet engagement, killed WAY more then I lost. Worth it, wish it was insured though, haha.

Thorax - Honored 1v1 in an experimental fit. Worked well, but apparently not well enough. Will try it again though.

Vexor - Was in fleet and in largest ship, rest of fleet in frigs. Was primaried before I even aggressed, should have jumped out and burned back in, rigless cruiser loss = not really to worried about it. Curse was going down too but the frigs either died after me or had to bail :(

Ferox - Tanked 2 BCs for far longer then it should have, love the fit. Would have lived if I didn't burn out my guns with pocket in low armor. The dps of his ship + the myrm with me starting to cap out combined with my lack of DPS (because of burnt out modules) pushed the tank of the ferox too far. If pocket went down 15 seconds earlier (as he should have) I would have tanked the Myrm no problem and we'd have 2 killmails. Will definitely try that fit again.

Scrubship - I'm a moron.

Not too bad a month TBH. Until next month!

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