Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DOP + 3

DOP (Day of Proposal) +3

She spent the first night back (last night) from vacation uploading approximately 150 pictures onto her facebook, tagging, labeling, commenting on them, and then stalking her facebook for a few hours waiting for responses. Shitshow was to be expected.

Upon walking over to her this morning I noticed she was looking at wedding dresses ALREADY, furthermore it seems a little green notebook may or may not be the bane of my existence for the next year or so, more recon is nessessary.

Approximately two hours later I was informed that we are now listed on some sort of forum/website thing pertaining to weddings called I've refused to look around.

I had a confirmation of the evilness haunting the little green book when I looked up and saw her writing an item number and address in it. I must destroy it.

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