Friday, July 1, 2011

Something is wrong -

I got a call from my brother a few days ago asking me if I wanted to help him deal some logistics blows to the Amarrian militia, and, as I hadn't seen my brother for a while, and was not doing anything anyway, I agreed.

His plan was to hunt down potentially weakly tanked targets in amarr highsec flying in industrial ships, mining ships, lightly tanked cruisers etc., and anyone on autopilot. 

We met up in Houla and I started buzzing around Otelen to Amarr and surrounding areas looking for known Amarrian targets. A few minutes later I found him a retriever. He made the few jumps from Houla and pushed back the amarrian gate forces, made his way over to Yuhelia and promptly got rid of the ship and pod. I scooped all the loot I could carry and pressed on.

We were at it for a few more hours but everyone was mostly docked up or the system was empty, so we headed back to Auga for a few beers. We met at our usual spot, slavehound's, the last time I was there I wound up getting carried out and thrown into an empty shuttle. Azn kept me waiting for what felt like 15 minutes, but was actually 7 hours, and I sensibly passed those hours taking shots and slapping ass, I think?

Anyway, I had arrived first and ordered a round for myself and my brother that had just been passed to me by the barmaid (read: fat ugly Caldari woman) when suddenly this heavily pierced and tattooed guy grabbed me off my stool and began wrestling me to the ground. I was about to crack him in the face when I realized it was my brother, and all color began to drain from my face.

"What did you do to yourself"? 
"What do you mean?"
"Your face, those piercings, those weird marks above your eyes and across your forehead" 
"Who the fuck knows, woke up one morning with them, one hell of a night, got a little too drunk with the local pirate population"
"Pirates? Why are you hanging around with pirates?" 
"They're not too bad, some interesting ideals about New Eden, some of it made sense"
"Azn you didn't actually believe what they said right?" 
"Fuck you man, you're not my father, I'm tired of fighting for freedom, I'm a free man, what have you done lately?" 

And with that he left the bar, throwing his glass at the wall and muttering something about killing anyone in his way until he had no more ships to fly.My brother has always been a good man, I wonder what made him cause a scene like that, I hope he doesn't do anything drastic......

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  1. Come to the dark side! You can shoot anything. It's awesome.