Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Broken - continued.

"What the feck are you doing?" Newports asked Aznwithbeard over fleet comms.
"I'm hunting this war target, you scouted him for me, what the feck you think I'm doing?"
"he is never going to undock, he sees you in local, he knows you want to kill him, ermmm... why DO you want to kill him?"
"Hmm." pondered Azn. "I guess cuz the boss tells me I have to kill him, thats a good enough reason for me."
"Since when do you listen to anyone? Feck you, you're like 3 jumps out from Hek, come have a beer with me, I'm docking up now."

He couldn't resist it. Its a simple word - "beer", but the things it did to his mind made him crave it. The second his brother said "beer" he was in warp to the nearest gate.

He docked up at the hub, no war targets in system and he had an insta out of the station if the cowards actually decided to take an offensive stance and attempt to shoot him. Awww feck it, he'd just battle on the station anyway. His brother told him to go to Ingots, apparently a hole in the wall not unlike Rens Slavehounds. Walking in hew saw his brother immediately and attempted to push the table on top of him for the LULZ. Bolted tables? Literal holes in the wall? Plastic cups? This was like Republic UNiversity Parties all over again. Hopefully without the prudes. Upon the realization that the bartender did not know how to make his damn drink and consequentially flipping him over the bar, laughing, and making it himself, he noticed Duke Thunderhorse, ex-exployee, talking to some pretty little trim at the end of the bar. Azn gave a nod, Duke nodded back.

"Shame about Duke." Thought Azn. "Decent pilot jumped outta the Hurricane and into frigates, Damned hotrod kids with their 8-tracks, marachi music and flamed out murals. He'll learn one day." Thought Azn.  "Saw what looked like your malediction parked a few rows down from my BC. I'm assuming it was yours cuz it had flames all across it, emitting from it, and the hanger chief couldn't figure out how to turn  "Like a Virgin" off. Interesting music choice." "Go fuck yourself." was the only reply he got.

Newports started with the interrogation after the first beer. Where, who, why, how, when, and "what about Smith" were among his questions. Azn didn't know how to answer. He didn't have to. His escape plan arrived in the form of Trei, former docking manager at Rens Brutor Tribe Station.


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  1. Uhhh... Like a Virgin? That's not mine... :) Sometimes Madonna makes me want to kill stuff.