Thursday, July 14, 2011

Broken - Pt. 3

No sooner had he transferred his corporation to his XO, Smith, did Azn begin recieving eve-mails and private conversations regarding new employment opportunities. Sifting through them proved fruitless and Azn found himself at Slavehounds pounding back a few and contemplating his future.

Out of nowhere a duo of shady looking capsuleers by the names of Jasen Too and Destiny Grey sat down on either side of him. Azn politely told them to fuck off. Jasen then grabbed the bartender and told him to get 9 shots of whatever was in front of Azn and 3 ice-cold Gallente brews. Two shots for each of them, the other five for Azn. An offer he couldn't refuse and as he slammed down his shots exclaimed that they had ten minutes.

Seems they wanted to enlist his modest services. Saw him kicking around random wardecs and had wanted to do the same. Had a decent track record but their new corp was light on members. "A few more are on the way, looking somewhere around 8-10 pilots." stated Destiny after Azn brought it up. Destiny and Azn had bullshitted with each other a few times in the past and he and his new CEO knew Azn knew his shit. But what was in it for the now slightly intoxicated Azn?

No under the table deals were offered, no payouts and no actual agreements were made, but a wad of cash was flaunted and a holo-projection of a flagship was slid down the bar. "Nice ship" declared Azn. "Tell you what, get your corp in order by the end of the week and I'm in, now get the hell out before I sober up and change my mind."

As the two men walked out of the bar, he pondered on how to tell Smith. What was the reasoning for his decision? There were no laid out perks, he'd done the highsec war on his own and with several previous corporations already, and from what he knew, the incoming pilots didn't know shit about PVP. That meant at the very least helping to teach them, and probably commanding fleets. Fuck, he'd had enough of that already.

Whatever, They had 5 days to get their shit in order and until that time, he wouldn't even think about it.

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