Thursday, July 7, 2011

War Update - 2

Spent all night last night (15 minutes) fitting up a new ship built specifically for this war. A new ship, an untested ship. A Caldari ship. Looked good to me, made sure it was insured and unplugged.

Plugged into my neural interface, crossed my eyes and hit myself in the back of the head to get that shit sorted. Looked through local, seems the ever vigilant Regicyde is online. Gave him a poke in local. He undocked. I undocked Immediately after. His drake lights me up with a disruptor. I light him up with Torps. He deagresses and I push him to low shields before he docks.

Asks for my cyclone, I give it to him. Undock the proud Matari ship and lock him up. He just sits there like a placid cow. I throw some guns on him. He tips over, or docks, can't be sure. Ask him whats going on, he asks, I provide, and no missiles launched?

A few minutes later he finally undocks and starts shooting, I know its a trap. I scram him back and throw everything I have on him. Two bombers uncloak, Manticore and Nemesis, not good. Hit the shield booster. Seems the Nemesis has a painter and a damp on me, hes 60Km out, I don't give a shit. Manticore has..... manticore is MWDing? Towards me? Drop the point, scram the bomber. throw some drones on him and hit approach. Debate using the rockets. Yea? Nah. One cycle of the guns shows him who's boss. Point blank bomber is a dead bomber.  Rainbow setup and T1 torps? WTF was he thinking. Don't bother with the loot. Point back on drake, Nemesis bails, drake deaggros.

Drake comes back out. More bait? Great, they're not even bothering to hide their fleet members now. I hit an insta and hit the station at range. Drake lands 15km away. Hit the approach and the drake warps RIGHT as my scram gets in range. Damn. He's above station, then back near my insta. I go back out. We both engage and I begin molesting his shields. Rook undocks. Really? Rook warps to drake at zero. I go HURPA DURPA and throw my drones and attempt to get my scram on him, no luck, but at least my drones are fighting their little hearts out. Oops, lost one. Pull em back in. Relaunch when my sensors clear, Gettem back on the rook, but hes too far away for point.Guns and Scram on the drake until I get jammed. Neutral domi warps in, Ohshi. Drake bails. Sensors clear. Rook lockable..... Rook bails. FFS.

Cyclone = Owns all.

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