Sunday, July 31, 2011


WE MAD was not very active and I've went back to OMGROFLSTOMP, therefore, the crappy series of "broken" will not be continuing. Consider it like a really crappy TV show that ends its season on a cliffhanger and doesn't get brought back.

On another note, I fecking raped face today.

--- battle report ---  HAM drake FUCK YEA.

FC went down, random people started yelling, I took over target calling for a bit. We had already lost the fight, but I lived, we pushed them out, and got this :)

Switched back and forth between bomber and Drake. Killed;
caracal + pod
thrasher. (whatchu know bout my torp volleys)

Maybe I'll attempt to start recruiting again.

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  1. Hey man, sorry the griefer corp didn't work out for ya. BRRC is recruiting but I know you don't like frigs (We do fly other stuff though). Shadows of the Federation just opened their doors as well. They have some great people over there but I think they are mostly UK/EU and its the other warzone.

    Keep it real man!

    Duke T.