Monday, March 14, 2011

I think I'm steamrolling children

""""Just a quick update for something I found hilarious.""""

So, I plug into my interface after some sort of interference disrupts in and immediately get a private comm channel open with a war target;

HomigoshZur > (war target) okay i want you to be completely honest with me
Aznwithbeard > sure hold on ( I invite my only corp member, Rodensteiner, into channel)
Aznwithbeard > ok go
rodensteiner > ?
HomigoshZur > who do you think is better: selena gomez or justin bieber
HomigoshZur > and dont lie to me
 HomigoshZur > to save your mancard
Aznwithbeard > who the fuck are those people?
rodensteiner > i don't know who either of them are, sorry
HomigoshZur > holy cripes you must be old
 rodensteiner > are they in game?
 HomigoshZur > if you dont know
HomigoshZur > oh my god
HomigoshZur > im ashamed you're my wartargets
Aznwithbeard > selena gomez ? ( I linked a capsuleer by that name )
rodensteiner > i'm confused
HomigoshZur > I HATE LIFE. ( at this point he drops from chat)
rodensteiner > haha
Aznwithbeard > fuck that was awesome
rodensteiner > i actually do know who those 2 ppl are....vaguely
Aznwithbeard > saving that for the blog.
Aznwithbeard > yea me too
rodensteiner > i know bieber is that faggot kid
rodensteiner > and the selena chick....actres, yeah?
Aznwithbeard > that guy who looks like a girl , and that girl from the disney channel

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