Saturday, March 19, 2011


Signed in - got a few PMs from previous  war targets, only thing of interest was this -

PRIVATE CHAT---------------------------------------------------------------------

[02:49:48] Black Ivy > lmfao
[02:49:56] Aznwithbeard > ?
[02:50:00] Black Ivy > did u relle pay oldskool and lam to kill gyzbo ??
[02:50:26] Aznwithbeard > uhhh, what? no?
[02:50:34] Aznwithbeard > /emote checks kb
[02:50:37] Black Ivy > oh ok lmao they just killed his nh
[02:50:53] Black Ivy > and saying they were payed 1b ea from u lol
[02:51:18] Aznwithbeard > yea, like id waste isk on you idiots. lol
[02:51:48] Black Ivy > lol fair enough personally i didnt know life wether u would of for a laugh or not lol
[02:52:00] Black Ivy > i find it kinda funny lol
[02:52:08] Aznwithbeard > nah, if i had a bil, id use it on more useful things.
[02:52:15] Black Ivy > true lol
[02:52:22] Aznwithbeard > wow, u guys just keep getting corp ganked, fecking hilarious tbh
[02:52:22] Black Ivy > 2b lol apparently they each got 1b lol
[02:52:29] Black Ivy > lol
[02:52:42] Black Ivy > i relle dont think staying is a good idea lol
[02:52:49] Aznwithbeard > h/o
[02:52:58] Aznwithbeard > link ur ceo again? i deleted u all from contacts
[02:54:02] Black Ivy > lol gyzbo (I invite gyzbo into the chat)
[02:54:18] Aznwithbeard > yea so, i didnt pay them to do shit.
[02:54:36] Aznwithbeard > im far too cheap for that, just figured id tell you.
[02:54:47] GyZb0 > black .. i know .. and azn also know .. they were after my faction mods after i put the nighthawk fittings in corp chat
[02:55:15] Black Ivy > lol
[02:55:29] Aznwithbeard > u seem to have issues with people corp ganking.
[02:55:36] Black Ivy > its kl lol wow corp killing never used to be this fucking high in numbers lol
[02:55:39] Aznwithbeard > id stop recruiting everyone from off the street.
[02:55:48] Aznwithbeard > anyway. have a fun evening

END PRIVATE CHAT------------------------------------------------------------------------

TLDR if you look at FODTs KB, half of their kills are corp on corp gank kills. seriously. look around.

ADDITIONAL EDIT: Just got an evemail from the bumping machariel pilot, seems Iam whatshisface as well as OLD SKOOL were both in the corp for the sole purpose of ganking the members, which apparently they did AFTER the war was over. interesting. CEO managed to lose a 1bil isk NH, as well as a broadsword and pod, while a few of his other members lost some BCs and pods as well. What kind of a moron just picks up random people up for his corp and doesn't research them a bit?


  1. Urian PM'ed me as well (the guy that was the reason we even dec'ed this corp) and asked me that we please "kill them all" because they were a bunch of 'tards that kept killing each other


  2. That's what happens when people let everybody into a corp without even doing basic background checks.