Monday, March 7, 2011

Making friends, the AZN way.

After a few weeks in the militia I see there is a bit of a divide in it, mainly the newer players in the militia channel, who are untrustworthy and probably spies, or just new players looking for some action who no one will help...

Theres also the guys who only mission, and who apparently get wardecced internally by other militia corps for screwing with their loyalty points/get rich quick scheme, I don't know, I'm not a bear.

Then there are your general PVP guys, whom I have befriended a bit (mostly guys from autocannons anonymous), and then the elite pvp pilots who make fun of everyone else (mainly Ice Fire Warriors, from what I have seen). As for their elite status, I may or may not have spoken in a previous journal entry about how one of their FCs stole half of my fleet because I told him to leave if he was not going to be participating in said fleet. Apparently no one talks back to them, or takes their "top killer of the week" trophy (which I did the first week I joined militia) etc. etc. etc. I don't think they like me.

Fast foward to yesterday, I take out my old NOIR fit stiletto for a bit of gatecamping with a small gang consisting of 2 cruisers and myself and one other interceptor, seems in a fleet of 10, only a few are actually active. Crackle over comms states an enemy stealth bomber is jumping into my system, a wiley and evasive foe. I manage to get a lock, disrupt, and web on him and for some reason the bomber pilot doesn't even attempt to turn back to the gate. YIPPEE, my first solo kill in the militia. Or not, seems one of the cruisers jumped in and helped, dammit. A little while later an idiot in a completely unfit stabber jumps out of my system and I quickly follow to catch him on the other side, not even gunna bother posting the KM as its just pathetic, completely unfit, no propulsion mod, no "travel fit" warp core stabs, what the hell was this pilot thinking.

Most of the pilots in my fleet are taking a breather at this time, when a criminal in a dramiel comes into Huola and starts orbiting the gate at range. He tries to pull me off the gate a few times, but I am not biting, I just keep pointing him whenever he comes close and attempt to web him. Seems an IFW (Ice Fire Warrior) member in a  taranis wants to take him, and as hes burning towards the enemy, so am I. I get long point, ranis gets in close, not sure what his fit is.... I throw a web on the enemy, as well as a tracking disruptor. Dramiel pilot dies, I scoop the modules form the wrecked ship, and what follows is one of the funniest bit of local communications chat logged I have ever been apart of.

Dagren is the pilot in the taranis, FYI.

[ 2011.03.07 04:35:39 ] Dagren Darius > who grabbed my loot
[ 2011.03.07 04:35:52 ] Dagren Darius > my catch my llot
[ 2011.03.07 04:36:07 ] Aznwithbeard > uhhh, my web + td so u dont die? lol
[ 2011.03.07 04:36:31 ] Ishido Hideyori > i didnt get it mate, sorry
[ 2011.03.07 04:36:39 ] Dagren Darius > i have 20 dram kills with a ranis
[ 2011.03.07 04:36:54 ] Sharra Savente > dag got the tackle he should get loot
[ 2011.03.07 04:37:05 ] Aznwithbeard > thanks ifw
[ 2011.03.07 04:37:22 ] Sharra Savente > if you got the tackle you would get the loot
[ 2011.03.07 04:37:39 ] Aznwithbeard > lol lies. i know how u kids work
[ 2011.03.07 04:37:39 ] Onesimus Theodoulos > o/ Sharra
[ 2011.03.07 04:38:02 ] Dagren Darius > k you red to me now
[ 2011.03.07 04:38:20 ] Aznwithbeard > lol u can have the mwd dude i really dont care, but dont clutter up local with ur shit
[ 2011.03.07 04:38:26 ] Aznwithbeard > dock 24 (station in system) n ill trade
[ 2011.03.07 04:38:38 ] Volyte > lol.  is this really happening right now? :P
[ 2011.03.07 04:38:46 ] Aznwithbeard > apparently
[ 2011.03.07 04:38:48 ] Velna Sevesto > yup : /
[ 2011.03.07 04:38:49 ] Dagren Darius > no keep it i just won't ever bring you in fleets
[ 2011.03.07 04:38:53 ] Aznwithbeard > OH NO!
[ 2011.03.07 04:38:55 ] Velna Sevesto > waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
[ 2011.03.07 04:39:16 ] Velna Sevesto >
[ 2011.03.07 04:39:17 ] Volyte > (this is the pilot in the dramiel) jesus, cant believe i died to this ^^  im semi-embarassed now.
[ 2011.03.07 04:39:26 ] Ishido Hideyori > LOL
[ 2011.03.07 04:39:47 ] Dagren Darius > like i said 20 solo dram kills in a ranis you aren't the first
[ 2011.03.07 04:40:01 ] Aznwithbeard > qq in enemy local more dude
[ 2011.03.07 04:40:14 ] Velna Sevesto >
[ 2011.03.07 04:40:15 ] Aznwithbeard > already said u can have it
[ 2011.03.07 04:40:20 ] Dagren Darius > what do you mean i live here
[ 2011.03.07 04:40:30 ] Volyte > lol...  a)  you werent solo  b) i let you tackle me and misjudged the amount of webs on the field  and c) you have an AB ranis.  plz stop bantering in local with your fail, sir :P
[ 2011.03.07 04:40:30 ] Velna Sevesto > ~points again to last picture~
[ 2011.03.07 04:40:52 ] Velna Sevesto > please refer all QQing to last picture
[ 2011.03.07 04:41:01 ] Volyte > and, you're crying over an mwd and a couple t2 mods.  not sure what else to say ;/
[ 2011.03.07 04:41:10 ] Velna Sevesto > v0v
[ 2011.03.07 04:43:42 ] HydroVolcano > i shit MWD's
[ 2011.03.07 04:43:45 ] Velna Sevesto > ok local needs some happy
[ 2011.03.07 04:43:47 ] Velna Sevesto >
[ 2011.03.07 04:43:51 ] HydroVolcano > and piss bullets
[ 2011.03.07 04:43:54 ] Ishido Hideyori > fuck, i hope you have a deep toilet

Seriously, is this really what IFW are really like? Granted they have a lot of highly trained combat pilots which helps the militia out, (which I will mention in my next paragraph)  but what the hell was that about? It is embarrassing.

I take a bit of a breather  and come back to see intel channels on fire, seems a pirate fleet has successfully bumped a friendly carrier off a station nearby. I don't even bother joining fleet, I just make my way to the system and see If i can help. The pirates are in 3 guardians and 4 battleships. We attempt to hold them off as IFW jumps in a capital fleet and we succeed in killing two of their battleship pilots, and driving the rest off, saving the carrier.

Carrier pilot basically gets assaulted on comms and various channels, then gets told how to properly fit a carrier, and a better station to leave his at.

Intel channels die after that, and a few of us grab some TLF (tribal liberation force, the mainstay of the militia) level three missions and run all around lowsec to complete them. Towards the end of the fleet, we get caught in a dead-end system by 2 abbadons and a vagabond, which blow up a friendly drake, but the rest of us get away.

We hit Auga and I reship into my stiletto to go check out a nearby system to make sure it is clear for the drake pilot to bring in his newly fit up drake. On the way back I see a Hyena class electronic attack frigate accompanied by a rifter on the Amamake gate in Auga, and decide to tackle the hyena and try to hold off the rifter until help arrives. I go down, but so does the hyena.

Being tired and in a pod, I dock for the night and get some shut eye.

More as it comes.

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