Monday, March 21, 2011

Whats in my hanger(s)?

From time to time I do read various other blogs and sometimes thieve other peoples posts that they've thieved from other people. Gotta let the cycle continue, ya dig? This one comes from HANDS OFF, MY LOOTS!

So because my alt has less boats, I'll start with him.


Maelstrom is for PVE and was traded over from azn. Has been the only Maelstrom Either toon has ever owned and I have had it since azn was a 45 day old toon. I had to refit it a bit as azn can't use T2 large and my alt has shit for support skills, but it does about 900 DPS as it were and works pretty good for grinding standings (need to get this guy into a JC stat). I know I can go out to null and create jump clones but to be honest, hes in +5s and I don't feel like risking it, plus, sometimes I could actually use the ISK. PVP is difficult for someone with no indy/trading/other forms of isk-making alts.


Pretty much a rape-caging phoon with neuts and upwards of 1200 DPS. Fully fit and made for the soul purpose of raping people. Will work nicely when I get the above stated jump clone capabilities and throw the slave set I have laying around in it.


Another ship traded over from azn that was left in my mission area. Salvage fitted and theirfore completely useless as:

1. the alt can not use salvagers yet and
2. I am far too lazy to salvage missions, hell I am too lazy to mission most of the time.


Set up as a tankier shuttle, with nanos/overdrives, a MWD, and a ship scanner. Used to get them skillbooks from the nearest school and to scan down idiotic fits. (worked well during the war)


Set up as a bumping stabber, speeds hit approximately 9k with the overheated BS MWD. Fun for bumping hulks 100KM off the Abudban icefield, as well as stationary ships off the Rens undock.

Thats it for the alt.

Azn has most of his ships either in his FW lowsec home of Auga, or in his highsec home of Rens.

Vagabond, Cynabal, Muninn, Sleipnir

All are fit except the Muninn, and I've had them all for a WHILE. Every once in a while I undock and speed around in the vaga/cyna, but I am not really sure why I bought them to begin with. I'm not really much of a speed/range type of guy, hell most of the Hurricanes I've ever fit were armored. Just not my style of PVP tbh, and I'm pretty terrible with them. My first Muninn was actually fit and used with NOIR, but when I left, I stripped it and contracted it out. This one was actually given to me by a friend and I am currently toying with the idea to nano it and attempt to kill something shiny.

The Sleipnir is pretty much my flagship at the moment, but definitely not fully faction fitted, as I am WAY to cheap and poor to do that. Another thing I bought for no good reason while I had the ISK and the back-up ( I was in NOIR at the time). Took it on a few roams, ganked some war targets, and yet another expensive ship just collecting dust in my hanger. 800 DPS with 1300 DPS tank isn't nothing to laugh at though.


Purchased during my time in NOIR, as they asked me to fit that out instead of the Rapier I already owned because it is a bit tankier. Been parked in Rens ever since, Haven't really had a yearning to fly it. Liked the rapier more, cloaks are win, but sadly that popped a few weeks ago.

Dramiel / Jaguar / Wolf / Claw / Rifter or six.

never really been much of a frigate pilot, way to fragile for my taste, plus, a rupture costing 20 mil fully fit > 30-35 mil T2 Frig. Or in the Dramiels instance, 80 mil. Still every once in a while I'll fly around in them if I am in a frigate gang, or someone wants to go to nulsec, etc. Rifters are fun for cheap DIAF tackle though.

Cheetah / Hound x2

Not a fan of frigates, as I stated above, but I do LOVE cloaks, which I stated a little furthur above, so those two ideals sort of negate eachother, and I like bombers, a lot. They aren't as awesome on gates/stations as they are catching people in plexs, but their decent DPS, price, range, and GTFO ability keep them high on my list of ships I enjoy flying.


  Yea, I have a wreathe, its even rigged. Mostly stored crap and hasn't undocked in months upon months.

Thrasher x600

Not really 600, but I have them in massive quantities in various places. Use them for hauling with stabs and a cloak, low/nulsec salvaging with stabs, and even PVP with them a bit (don't rig the none PVP ones tho, ofc). I happen to love the thrasher, always have. Prefer the armor tank variant but every once in a while I'll feel a little squirrelly and run a shield/gank fit.

Rupture x A few

Good all around cruiser. Can do either shield or armor. Like to fit it kinda cheaply and ganky. Full flight of drones and some decent DPS. Good speed and range as well as decent GTFO ability. Once I decided canes were too expensive as a nub in nulsec, I started flying these bad boys. Decided that trimarks on a cruiser were too much, and as I said earlier, started gank fitting them.

Hurricane x2

One of the ships that has ALWAYS been in at least one of my hangers. Generally armor tank it, but I do nano every now and again. Mostly with neuts, sometimes HMLs or HAMs. Has been a go-to ship for me since I started PVPing, but has been falling out of interest as I explore active tanking. One is currently armor, and one is nano fit.

Cyclone x2

A ship I am really enjoying as of late, as it can tank quite well (with crystals it just gets ridiculous), rarely gets primaried, and is CHEAP. Have one in lowsec, and one in highsec with a similar fit. Both are active tanked, because I am not a douche.


Triple-repped, with some ECCM and autocannons for good measure. Tanks like hell and probably one of the better solo BCs around, actually quicker then an armor tanking Hurricane.

Stabber Fleet Issue

Another one of my exploratory active tanking ships. Very quick ship with a small sig-radius and ability to dual prop, do approx 350 DPS, and tank quite a bit makes it pretty sexy, if somewhat expensive. Definitely a contender for my favorite ship tho.


Basic T1 logi, works decently, good range, built to help a friend but never actually needed it. Currently collecting dust.

And thats about it. I used to have a lot of modules/ammo/useless junk in station containers, but I pretty much sold everything I didn't use for PVP or had too many of. I've been trying to condense all my crap for some time now and am happy to report that all my crap is now in only 14 stations in 12 systems. WHEEEE.

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