Saturday, March 12, 2011

Uhhh no, thats not me. (OOC)

Got an E-Mail forwarded to me today

""""""""""""From: GyZb0 (WT CEO of FODT corp)
Sent: 2011.03.12 06:57
To: Uriel Kharan, (CEO of a random corporation my or my alt have never been affiliated with)

The member mentioned has been involved in lame activities against our corp . His alt corp or main declared war at us, and his activities outside of the corp by RR their friends instead of actually joining and fighting the war .

jjust to let u know .


From: GyZb0
Sent: 2011.03.12 07:54
To: Uriel Kharan,

Well and since you are the alliance leader .. i make my other contact oficial to you .

Just wanted to let you know, has you probably dont want your alliance name associated with this kind of activities, being they known by other players or local chats . being them knowed by CAOD threads .

Best regards,
FODT CeO""""""""""""""""

Seems they think I'm an alt, and wardecced them because I couldn't wardec them with the Neutral corporation above. While it is true that I can not wardec them with that corp ( being that I am not apart, affiliated, or even know that corp) I do have an alt, his name is NEWPORTS INDEED, hes the one sitting on the undock or gates watching for blobs, that or training his little heart out logged off... kthxbye.

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