Thursday, March 10, 2011

The past 24 hours

First and foremost;

"""""OMGROFLSTOMP Declares War Against FODT
Sent: 2011.03.11 05:47

OMGROFLSTOMP has declared war on FODT.
Within 24 hours fighting can legally occur between those involved.

For your convenience we have included the appropriate CONCORD War Rules:

The weekly cost is 2,000,000.00 ISK and you will receive a bill which needs to be paid promptly to maintain the war. If the bill is not paid before it is due then the war will be cancelled. If the war is cancelled then do not pay any outstanding bills for that war.

When an active war has been cancelled, there is a 24 hour grace period during which you can still be legally attacked.

If you are at war with a corporation that joins an alliance then the war will change from being against the corporation to being against the alliance.

If you are at war with an alliance and a corporation leaves that alliance then you will still be at war with the alliance but also temporarily at war with the corporation that left. The war against the corporation that leaves an alliance lasts 24 hours during this period you can attack them until the war expires.

Should you wish to resume hostilities against such a corporation then you need to declare war again. """"""

So that's nice, concord finally allowed me to declare war against the honor-less bastards.

Well, my vacation was up so I jumped myself back into lowsec to defend my companions and liberated systems.  No fleets were active so I grabbed some pilots and chatted for a bit until local cooled down, at which point we caught wind of a frigate fleet with hurricane support in Dal on the Auga gate. We landed and prepared to battle, I called the hurricane primary and secondary was the arbitrator, however mid fight a pirate gang landed and ripped my fleet to shreds. The four dead pilots on the "friendly" side were the only friendly pilots, and yes, 15 drakes, 4 hurricanes, and a prophecy is what they chose to fight our small 5ish man frig/cruiser gang with. Good start to my day, but at least I traded a rupture for a hurricane.

Grabbed some lunch from the Auga Republic Fleet Assembly Plants cafeteria, and that was a mistake.... why do I always eat the brown stuff? A few hours later and back on my feet, I hear crackles over intel channels asking for support pilots to make their way to a system nearby to help fight some war targets mainly in battle cruisers. As I land with my fleet in Hofjaldgund on a star gate, the enemy gang decides to jump through. I am instantly warp scrambled and webbed by most of the gang, before I even get one shot off.

So... I do what anyone would do in that situation, call myself primary, tank them for about 30 seconds, and then jump through the gate, turn around, and jump right back in. I really don't know why they thought engaging our gang was a good idea as we had a few more pilots and bigger ships, though some of their tackle ships bailed before the fight started so the numbers aren't exactly correct.

Apparently the Amarrians were quite pissed at their loss, and returned to their home system in Huola to reship into battleships and attempt to use Dominix class battleships as logistics. Didn't work out well for them at all.

Afterwords they pretty much turtled up for the most part, though we did catch two Harbinger class battle-cruisers and a drake attempting (and succeeding) to blow up a friendly taranis. Friendly backup arrived and we avenged our fallen comrade by gang-banging the harbingers while their drake left them for dead and jumped out.

That was pretty much it for the day, other then my nagging twin brother, Newports. Seems he recently graduated his advanced studies and even remapped his brain to complete his studies quicker, he always was a douche-bag. I love the guy though, so as a present I gave him my (slightly) used Maelstrom class battleship, fully fit and ready to fly. I've had that damned ship for over a year and rarely fly it, (also I'm a horrible battleship pilot) so I figured what the hell. Seems he wants to follow in my footsteps so this may not be the last you hear about him.

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