Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wardec log #2

War Log - 2011-03-13 03:40

I've been messing with the a few of the war targets for quite some time, but they do not seem to want a fight until they have at least double our numbers. I decide that a nonthreatening cyclone is going to be the ship of the day, and Rodensteiner jumps into a HAM drake. Some back and forth goes with retards remote repping both my corporation and my war targets, which is annoying. I finally declare honor-duel and our war targets undock in two drakes, I hate missiles. Urian is in a HML drake with a questionable tank, other one is HAM fit with web/scram/mwd, but hes an older pilot with better skills. The HAM drake does more damage but I primary Urian. Kid talks too much and needs to lose his battlecruiser.

Both drakes open up on me, and I check my boosters and ammo. Seems I am good to go. tell Rodensteiner to kick the docking manager in the balls and do an emergency undock. Light up Urian with drones, 220's, and LOLrockets. His tank is breaking and he knows it, they both deaggro but we still get the mail. I don't even bother shooting the ham drake, waste of bullets on a deaggroed target.  Feh, his setup up could have been worse, and at least I can finally say I've tanked two battlecruisers at once.

 They get about four of their pilots online, quite a change from last nights eight, they must have eaten the brown stuff in the cafeteria and are bedridden. Tempest undocks into us and starts shooting at Rod, we shoot back and the criminals in exchange undock a hurricane, drake, and rupture on top of us.While Rod tries to pull range and deaggro while they're hammering on him, I overheat on the tempest as he hits half armor.  Suddenly red skulls appear on my overview and I know we've bought it. Unaffiliated pilots in a scimitar and a basilisk start repairing enemy vessels and we're doomed. Suddenly a new associate of mine starts repairing rodensteiner with his scimitar and we're back in! Rod stays close to station and prepares to dock, criminal drake too far away, tempest hits quarter armor and docked, can't seem to get a lock on the rupture so I burn for the hurricane and wouldn't you know it, as soon as I lock his ship and scramble his engines, he docks.

Fecking idiots all around tbh.

A little while later the war target in the tempest seems to want a fight and keeps moving himself near us at the top of the station. He starts shooting Rod with his t1 garbage dual 425 autocannons and we start lighting him up with guns and missiles of our own. We wait for more war targets to undock but they don't, and the tempest stops firing when it hits half armor. I tell rod to go for the bump and overload, which he does but not far enough. Criminal evades prosecution. Again. Shame, his armor was gone and he was into hull. At least we're fiscally destroying him by making him pay to repair his armor a few times, that ain't cheap.

Being bored and half drunk on some alcohol I found under a pile of corpses in my hanger, I decided to call out the rupture pilot to duel me. He is pretty green for a capsuleer, and when he asks me what ship I will be in, I figure I'll make it fair and tell him a bellicose. He questions my ship choice but agrees immediately and the terms are set. Outside station we open up on each other, I'm getting locked by random people all around me, and his rupture is neuting the crap out of me. I see where this is going and overload all modules and increase range. I'm at peak recharge, hes at 1/3 armor. Kill the heat before my guns burn out. I hit armor before he runs out, armor blows away in chunks, go all in and overload the rack again, he hits hull, I'm 50% hull, someone boosts my shield, I rage in open comms, unlock the rupture, and tell him to bail. He keeps firing and goes through my shields as I lay there and take it.  I will lose to this enemy before I dishonor myself.

Ehh, it's just a bellicose. Don't even know why I had it. Apparently cost somewhere between a decently fit destroyer and an inexpensive Rupture. May buy another one to be honest.

The rest of the night is pretty boring and uneventful and most of the wartargets unplug. At some point Rod solos a merlin with his own, weird, didn't even tell me. Send a general goodnight across comms channels, and unplug myself.

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