Saturday, March 19, 2011

Final War report + etc (OOC sorry Vlad)

Well first and foremost I haven't been logging into eve much, as I have had awesome weather in New Jersey (where I live) and love to be outside when its nice.

Seems Rodensteiner  got himself popped in a cane and a rupture while I've been semi-afk. It's cool, we still raped them isk-wise, moral wise ( their corporation numbers have dropped 35% since we originally declared war) and TBH, everyone who I wanted to kill left the corporation (Urian, the ferox dude, the idiot in the passive cyclone, the HAM drake pilot, etc.) other then the idiot Black Ivy, who went back and forth several times after I allowed him to keep his drake.

As of now We have destroyed about 192 Mil ISK more then them,  squeeking by with an efficiency of about 62%. Their CEO didn't take my bait demanding 200Mil for us not paying for another week of war, which sucks, but its cool, I am not renewing it.

It's kind of sad to see how crappy people are both with ship fitting, piloting, general know-how of the game, and the use of neutral support (especially when your corporation has 25x the number of pilots then the corp that wardecced you) and the like to gain the upper hand. I still can not believe their CEO deaggroed and docked his BS while getting neutral RR to save his ass. I have never seen a hyperion tank that badly, and I know he had a good fit, must just be the pilot.

In the end though, we won the fight, killed or forced out most of the ganking pilots, and TBH the nice weather and being outside > trying to fight 4v1 odds + their neut RR.

So yesterday I took out my punching bag and hung it outside, fired up all my landscaping equipment and went on a job interview. I also scrubbed down the picnic table I made with some bleach (it was super dirty, coincidentally it made the stain look pretty cool, think I'll just reclear-coat it  this year and leave it look kinda worn in), cleaned up the grill, fired it up cooked some burgers and had some beers with a few friends + my lady.

We later went out to a country style bar, where I got wasted and rode a mechanical bull after my GF did. The guy operating it took it easy on her despite my pleas to chuck her off and she held out for the full minute. While I was getting on he then asked how far I wanted to fly and I pointed to the general direction of the bar while laughing in a drunken stuper. He wasn't kidding.

Held on for about 45 seconds while he attempted to buck me tho, got a little cocky and started slapping the bulls ass with my free hand and calling it my bitch. I then got FLUNG about 10 feet away from the bull and laughed manically as the crowd erupted in applause. The operator was really impressed with how long I held out despite it being my first time ever on a bull, and shook my hand. As i was going back to where my friends were I was getting back patted and congratulated on a good show.

Always make the crowd happy, is what I say. Anyway, Probably won't be flying around on EVE too much today as my girl is going to be at my apartment in about 30 minutes, and its a nice day. Also, seems I now have black and blues as well as scraped skin on both knees, my thighs are incredibly sore, and the hand holding the rope is REALLY REALLY sore/stiff.

Have a new WT selected and the votes are in, I can push through at any time and more then likely will do this tomorrow night. Smacking in local with this in your profile

"I am not your standard idiotic douche bag, I am not nice, niether am I your bitch. Treating me as such may result in the utter destruction of your ship, assets, and, most likely, DEATH . Do not underestimate my capabilities, as you will be faced with an unatural Tactical skill, resulting in further destruction of your assets. Time is not of the essence, as I have several years to repay the death and destruction that I owe to you.

----Pay close attention to this, as this may be the last thing you read in this lifetime----

^_^ ""

and with only 21 kills to your name and 33 losses, and about double isk lost/destroyed,  makes me want to shoot you. And anyone you associate with. Many times. Not gunna take this one as seriously, as I am missing low-sec + FW a bit. In any case, that is about it for this update, if its nice out, go outside, have some fun, call some friends etc. Don't be on EVE :)

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