Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another Soul Saved

The past few days have been pretty uneventful, with FODT building numbers one night, and failing at trapping us in 2 different locations with double our numbers. As a bonus, we did get an officer spawn, their CEO came out and apparently FODTs flagship is a Passively tanked, neuting RR dominix. Feck could they get any more fail?  Ceo then gets into a rail megathron and sits on the undock... so, yea, I guess they can.

Early this morning a wartarget named Iam and his remote repping life partner ashley logged in. Iam tried several ways to bait me, first being the old "shoot my dramiel while my RR waits for the warp in", followed by "I'll just leave this orca on tucked in a corner by the undock and sick drones on you until you try to aggro it in your 300ish DPS Stabber fleet issue., then I'll have Iam warp to me and grab his Ishtar from my ships bay and have him melt you". I think he got frustrated as he was raging in local comms quite hard as I called out his moves in local, because finally he just undocked his Alpha artillery tempest and attempted to one shot my cruiser. Close call to be honest, think I docked with 54% structure. Seriously though, I expected more from him. Good killboard, been around a while, was in a few decent corps.....whatever.

This morning I found Black Ivy running around in a drake in the region. Now, I have talked to this pilot before, and he stated he didn't like what his corporation was doing (the can baiting/ganking thing) and didn't want any part of the war. I told him not to mission in the area, and their would be no problems. Well, look who it is, missioning in the area.

With me being bored and not a lot of war targets on, I decided it was time to mess with him. Caught Him on the avesbar gate (hes in a passive drake w/ no prop mod) in Frarn with a long point and double webbing hurricane with neuts. His shields are melting and he opens up a comm window with me. Time to mess with the missioners;

PRIVATE COMMS----------------------------------------------------------------

[ 2011.03.16 19:12:25 ] Aznwithbeard > 60 mil (my first ransom, albeit a fake, sweet)
 Black Ivy > hey u said i werent gunna get attacked mate ?
 Black Ivy > i havent tried to attk u i held my side of the bargain im even leaving this stupid corp
Aznwithbeard > u tryed to gank ( I can feel the sweat trickling down his back)
 Aznwithbeard > 60 mil
Black Ivy > no i was talking with them
 Aznwithbeard > no 60 mil then?
 Black Ivy > they wanted me to join in i said nah thats my lvl 3 mission runnin caracal
 Black Ivy > i was runnin 3s out of rens for a bit i was just outside and also someone wanted me to fight him i was saying no
 Black Ivy > ive held up my side im even not attacking u
 Black Ivy > ok fine 50m is all i got
 Black Ivy > stop
 Aznwithbeard > .......
 Black Ivy > 50000000
Black Ivy > promise u wont kill me
 Aznwithbeard > 60, quick
 Black Ivy > ive only got 55m honest i pay for gtc's
 Black Ivy > i just bought one
Black Ivy > there wont be any decent loot
 Aznwithbeard > 55 mil then. go
Black Ivy > look come on seriously ive held up my side
 Black Ivy > pormise u wont finish me
 Aznwithbeard > and stop moving
Black Ivy > im at 20 m/s
 Black Ivy > like ill get any where
 Aznwithbeard > you have 30 seconds
Aznwithbeard > 55 mil or boom boom
Black Ivy > ok you sure
Black Ivy > u promise
Aznwithbeard > mhm
Aznwithbeard > send it, i wont kill you
Black Ivy > even tho i have kept my side ?
Aznwithbeard > 55 mil
Black Ivy > even check my kb ??
 Aznwithbeard > SEND IT ( at this point ive pushed him into low armor, and killed his shield regen about 3 times)
Black Ivy > ok ok im lagging i dont do well in pvp
 Black Ivy > turn off guns and il ltransfer
 Aznwithbeard > PAY ME  NOW OR DIE (directly taken from one of Vlads audits)
Aznwithbeard > 5
 Aznwithbeard > 4
Aznwithbeard > 3
 Aznwithbeard > 2
 Aznwithbeard > 1
 Black Ivy > wait
[ 2011.03.16 19:17:20 ] Black Ivy > dickhead (he jumps through)
 Aznwithbeard > lol
Aznwithbeard > nice
Black Ivy > fuck u i kept my side (here comes the smack)
 Black Ivy > now get lost froob (wats a froob?)
 Aznwithbeard > kk
Black Ivy > should of killed me
 Black Ivy > even tho i kept my side
 Aznwithbeard > probably, but i like to be honorable
Black Ivy > ur jsut as bad as my corp
 Black Ivy > i keep my word and u break urs
Aznwithbeard > i didnt break it.
Black Ivy > check my kill stats
 Aznwithbeard > i said stop missioning in the area.
 Black Ivy > u promised u wouldnt attack me if i stayed out of it
Aznwithbeard > also, its fun scaring the shit out of people
Black Ivy > oh yeah and how am i gunna pay for plexs
 Black Ivy > im not scared i got a b in drama (this may make my bio, tbh)
Aznwithbeard > and u would have gotten ur isk back, i was just freaking u out :)
Black Ivy > i know how to keep someone distracted
 Black Ivy > yeh ok
Aznwithbeard > but see.... ^^ you just said that, so... now its on. lol
Black Ivy > u speak about my corp being dishonourable
Black Ivy > and you break your word
Aznwithbeard > i didnt break my word, again
Black Ivy > i wouldnt of paid you for shit
 Black Ivy > its what 50m for a new drake
 Black Ivy > ...
Aznwithbeard > lol, kk m8. ur just diggin ur grave now.
Aznwithbeard > like i said, just wanted to see u gimme the money then let you go, then give it back, fun making ppl piss themselves
Black Ivy > i have that much on me i mean seriously why even try to scare me i thought u were a decent guy also have fun war dec a noob corp (boredom?)
 Aznwithbeard > im just gunna put this out there.
 Aznwithbeard > so read for a sec.
 Black Ivy > i mean i even had a row out with them
Black Ivy > i was out there shouting them down telling them to cut it out
Aznwithbeard > i dont need the money, i obviously only want to make ur corp look like shit.
Black Ivy > its not right
Aznwithbeard > if i wanted to do that, i would have just popped you.
Black Ivy > lol i geussed that
Aznwithbeard > so, like i said, i was just fucking with you.
 Aznwithbeard > and you go all fly off the handle calling me a dickhead. etc
 Black Ivy > but ok yeh u had me worried cus i would of had to giveup eve cus i gotta make the money for new plex in 30 days lol no lvl 4 no money (at this point he finally realizes Im messing with him)
Black Ivy > yeh cus ok ill be honest i was scared no point in lying lol ( perfect compliment to his above statement)
Black Ivy > and then i saw that you was shooting me again and i thought u had broken it lol
Black Ivy > cus i had and still have no armor on me lol
 Black Ivy > i also wanna leave this corp but it feels good to feel a part of something again
Aznwithbeard > notice how i didnt put u into structure, thinking you have no dcu and id accidentally pop you?
Black Ivy > lol i thought u were really just gunna hold me for ransom lol i didnt think id make it to gate lmao (double webs, mwd, and long point? if I didnt want you to make it to gate you wouldnt have, also the whole 4 minutes and 55 seconds of me holding you should have been the other tip off)
Aznwithbeard > plus, its seriously fun saying PAY ME NOW OR DIE, idk if you've ever tried it.
Black Ivy > look im sorry but i was worried and pissed that i'd thought you had broken ur word lol and that ticked me off lol
Black Ivy > no i never had the chance the froobs allways pop em to quik lol
 Aznwithbeard > then my work here is done

 Black Ivy > lol i allready knew i didnt stand a chance against ur cane dunno what tank u got but i knew u'd rip me to bits lol wrong tank on lol
Aznwithbeard > its easy to pop missioners, and not so fun

 Aznwithbeard > so yea, just....try to stay away from rens, and if rodensteiner attacks, he will kill you. I have no control over who he shoots.
Black Ivy > so we good now ?? lol
Aznwithbeard > yup, u get to be featured in the blog..
 Aznwithbeard > also, u only have 2 wts, might as well add them 2 ur watchlist to see if theyre on.
 Black Ivy > oh lmao
Black Ivy > yeah but dunno what ur corp mates name is i havent seen him yet been away since monday morning in a cooking competition lol
 Aznwithbeard > look on ur corps KB, see whos killed you other then me? lol come on man, when u get wardecced you should be doing certain things. (giving more wartargets advice, what is wrong with me?)
 Black Ivy > but i only said it cus i thought u were gunna pop me before i jumped

Aznwithbeard > in any case, once u leave gyng, get ur ass to rens, pick up anything u need, and stay the hell outta rens for 3 days
 Black Ivy > so ur corpie not online atm right ?
Aznwithbeard > no
Black Ivy > and is it just rens or frarn too ?
Aznwithbeard > hense im telling u to get ur stuff in rens and gtfo
Aznwithbeard > tbh id stay away from the entire area, go to like, emolgranlan if u have repub sec standings
Black Ivy > i have shit standings with all elsewhere i suppose if i just stay docked for a bit ill be fine cus im leaving lol
Aznwithbeard > leaving corp?
 Black Ivy > yeah i cant make the money i need like , also too many corp members killing each other
 Aznwithbeard > good call on leavin, able killer did too. just join npc corp til u find a suitable corporation
Black Ivy > so im geussing u dont normaly hang around rens lol
 Aznwithbeard > nah (sometimes, when we're not in lowsec, good place for 1v1)
 Black Ivy > lol
 Black Ivy > so u guys made this war cus they were ganking ppl right ?
 Aznwithbeard > yup
Black Ivy > i told them this would happen lmao
 Black Ivy > im sick of how inactive our ceo is too
Aznwithbeard > theres way better corporations to be apart of then a shitty ganky corp
Aznwithbeard > anyway, hope to see you out of ur corp soon, and try to learn how to protect urself from future wardecs. (sweet, I save another soul)
 Aznwithbeard > lol
 Black Ivy > lol i know how its just i didnt expect that :P (obviously not proteceted well then, ehh?)
 Black Ivy > i though u only really sat in rens havent seen u anywhere ese lol
 Aznwithbeard > and yea, mostly in rens, again, on principle. stopping ur guys from ganking ppl.

 Aznwithbeard > anyway, ur safe, dont smack me anymore, gtfo outta that shit corp, research ur opposition, research ur next corp, and for the life of your hull, dont aggro me. lol
Aznwithbeard > i hate drakes, flew one once, felt dirty.
 Aznwithbeard > later man, and welcome to a feature in my blog. hahaha

END PRIVATE COMMS---------------------------------------------------------------

No harm no foul, mission accomplished on all fronts.
In retrospect I should have probably just ganked him, but I would have felt really bad.  Plus, then I wouldn't have had that hilarious conversation

Private communications log edited for length, things the WT would probably not want communicated, and SOME of the spelling errors.

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