Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tribute to Vladimir Norkoff

War log - Prologue

Hours leading up to the start of the war have been filled with reconnaissance and searching concord battle reports.. Seems criminal corporation has been busy recruiting, up 18 percent since we've last checked. Seems they're recruiting over open comms in trade hub system now, grabbing freshly recruited capsuleers as meatshields, and we have no problem cutting through the fat. Local beginning to fill with criminals. Eight of their pilots in station with us. Eight versus two, seems about right.

Get a private comms channel opened up from one of the syndicates main loud mouths, a criminal named Urian. Seems he wants to congratulate me on being their corporations first official wardec, quite surprising considering its age and blob tactics.Would like to know the reason of the wardec, to which I state that unhonored duals demand retribution.

War Log - 2011-03-12 05:47

The war has just started and is already off to a great start. Me and Rodensteiner quickly jump into our battlecruisers and get in the undock queue.We sit outside station for approximately two minutes before the first criminal undocks. Seems they intend on fighting us with industrials, which is fine with me. Pop the indy and scoop some loot just as Rodensteiner sprays pod goo all over my view screen, going to need to have that cleaned off at some point.

A few minutes later and they all start to undock. Drake, Rokh,  Myrm, Bomber, Harbinger, Kestrel, probe, and their recently activated indy pilot in a rifter. All in a days work. Me and Rodensteiner separate ourselves from eachother and the main cluster. We burn across the station, getting some range as the criminals attempt to kill us. Drake and Myrm are unloading on Rodensteiners buffer tank and I am in the clear. Seems the drake is using HAMS and the myrm has small blasters fit. Wait what? Quick redock, repair, and formation of a fleet and we're back out. I'm out first and start burning at the drake and Myrm, which instantly lock me up and unload on me. Ham drakes are nasty, better go straight to 3 reps on. I tank them for a bit while Rodensteiner pulls range on their kestrel and pops him. I dock up and Rodensteiner warps out. Insta out of the station and me and Rod warp back at range.Trying to drag the criminals off the station. Seems they're not having it.

Myrm pilot switches to a Hyperion and the Harbinger and Rokh are nowhere to be seen. Hype a good 20 km from his drake buddy, rod dips in to pull aggro and drags the Drake another 20 off. I get in close and we both start unloading on him. His shields start to break when a neutral pilot in a scimitar starts to repair him. I tell Rod to bug out while I hold the drake pilot at bay, and Rod evacuates the area. Apparently the scimitar pilot is aggroed to someone else because he is getting molested by a cruiser and gets pushed back into the station, I call Rod back and reagress the Drake, but it doesn't matter, he can tank long enough to reach the station and I fly off.

At some point afterwords Rod redistributes the indy pilots rifter and pops more pod goo, I sure hope he updated his clone. We undock one last time and see the criminals blowing up some poor chump in a Hurricane. We keep range trying to figure out what the hell is going on when the Hype pilot gets aggroed by a Bhaalgorn. drake aggros bhaalgorn, I aggro hype with drones, not sure what the hell is going on but hype is definately Active armor and his shields are going down slowly. Scimitar pilot nowhere to be seen. Chumps start aggroing bhaalgorn, bhaalgorn gets a friend with a guardian, random hurricane starts shooting hype, guardian gets scrammed, armor maintenance bots flying everywhere on both parties, and sadly, everyone is tanking.

Its late and we decide to call it a night.

FODT account shows a credit of -21,7000,000 ISK to be held against further transgressions of the moral code.

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