Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Strange Occurrence and some Lost Honor

 (OOC - this wasn't really a big deal, it was just confusing why they would shoot me after exchanging hellos and recognizing who I was, figured a good chance to RP it up tho)

So I decided to go kill some Angel cartel members out in the nul-sec region of Curse today. I have some ships and modules out there already, but alas no clone to jump to, as the previous one was violently disposed of at some point in the past. I fitted up a rifter with stabs ( I know, kitten death, etc.) and a MWD, as I wouldn't need much else to get out there, and di not want to fly anything too expensive in case I was caught. I jumped into an empty clone of mine and started to make my way out there, 24 jumps, almost exclusively through nul-sec.

I jumped myself through Ammatar Mandates region, and then jumped into the Great Wildlands. That part of space was kind of quiet, though a Buzzard was following me for a while. As soon as I hit the Curse region the population and number of stations dramatically increased, which is not a good sign when you are flying around by yourself in nul.

Getting to within five jumps of my destination, I spotted someone with blue standings to my corporation, and that can only mean one thing, Ushra'Khan. I immediately broadcasted on the open local communications channel a friendly hello, and asked how the pilot was doing (he was after all once a fellow brother during my time in MSCS) and was received by a friendly hello as well. Wanting to get to my destination and not sure of my current standing with Ushra"Khan, I said goodbye and jumped into the next system.

As soon as my systems cleared I was greeted by a wall of blue ships of every kind. Again I waved hello, and now I was a bit nervous as I haven't really communicated with these pilots for quite some time. Two pilots I knew quite well said hello but it did nto make me any less nervous. I was pretty well aligned to an asteroid belt and hit the warp button hoping the three warp core stabs would get me out and they almost did, except the pilot from the previous system dropped a warp bubble from his interdictor which killed my warp drive immediately.

I was instantly targeted and shot by a few pilots while I attempted to Microwarp out of the bubble, but it was futile, Engines were scrambled and they almost instantly popped my Rifter as well as my pod. After I awoke in Rens and updated my clone, I looked at my lossmail and set out to open a communications with one pilot whom I know quite well and even paid the 1mil ISK CSPA charge. The pilot declined my communication and I sat there stunned.

What had I done to make Ushra"Khan angry with me. What made them want to fire on my vessel AND capsule after Broadcasting on open channels? I haven't attacked them, I still fight for my brothers, even more now as I am in the Minmatar Militia. Why would a player I used to converse with decline a conversation? What makes an alliance turn its back on one of its past members?

It doesn't really matter anymore.  I got back to curse and went around them, threw some minerals and a Hurricane BPC in the cooker, should be out in two hours. Have the modules in my hanger already. Bought a rupture and fit it out with dropped loot for the time being.

My heart breaks at your lost honor Ushra'Khan.

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  1. It is a bit curious, I have to admit. The "old" Ushra'Khan did not shoot Minmatar Militia.