Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wardec log #2 cont.

War Log - 2011-03-13 03:40 cont.

Wake up on the floor of my cyclones cargo bay, not sure what that was about. Plug in to my ship and get in line to undock, seems to take forever. A couple of war targets are online, some random guy and the ever present Urian.

Get outside the station and looks all clear. Hang out for a bit, chat up some friends in local  comms, Smith makes me some breakfast, girl is a wiz with the microwave. Urian undocks in his hurricane, again. I lock him up, again. I kill his engines, again. Difference is this time a pilot in a Machariel  bumping him off the station careening him into the black void of space. Think its the same pilot that was flying the Bhaalgorn trying to kill them on the first night of the wardec. Keeps manically bumping him, I keep losing point, more bumps, more lost points, Urian finally figures out he should fight back because hes not going to be able to cover the 30km to the station. Doesn't really matter though, as my 220s rip through the last of his hull and destroy the Minmatar vessel.

Urian whines in open comms channels, I laugh. Explain its his own fault, that his corporation made itself to be outcast by ganking pilots for no good reason because they don't know any other way. Typical criminal cowardice. Urian can't seem to wrap his head around the fact that I am not in control of the pilots in Rens, and that I am not asking them to help. They do it because they hate you.

Rodensteiner shows up and attempts to do some dueling, blasts apart a random pilots rifter while  I'm in station. Dual reps, unrigged, no cap injector or nos? Must have melted something fierce.

Afterwords a war target undocks in a drake while I am at range and I ask Rod to shut his engines down until I get into range. Rodensteiners mighty merlin holds point long enough for me to get a secondary point, at which point Rod bails to get a more useful ship. Drake fires on me just as the crazy machariel pilot goes for his manic bump again and thros me, Rod, and the war target off station. I lose point again, Rod grabs it, I grab it, Rod bails to dock.

Rod at least 30 seconds out of the fight, me in a Stabber Fleet Issue (maybe defending my home turf DOES come with some rewards other then a job well done and death to amarr.) and oh look, another war target in a drake undocks. Same guy from last night, HAMs are hitting hard, I'm bouncing around 50%  armor but the other drake is dying, Rod trying to get back out but we're 40km off station so its gunna be a while.

Rod outside station, coming to the rescue in his newly purchased Claymore class command ship, hot damn we're feeling shiny today aren't we? I'm Eyeballing the station, 35km off and I'm thinking about leaving the field.

Rod in range, criminals start getting random remote repair again, I overheat and try to rabbit a bit on them, Finally pull range on the HAM drake, only rods point holding the other drake down. I'm switching ammo to help, go help Rod little drones! HAM drake keeping pace, but at least hes off Rod. Someone randomly reps Rod, who is tanking fine, Ammo loaded and I start unloading on the criminals again. Criminal drake pops, HAM drake deaggroed and on the station, no use trying to bump so that damn HAM drake gets to live another day.

I go to repair my badly overheated ship and  then return to the trade hub. There are reports of Urian outside station in a Caracal class cruiser. I don't even bother undocking. Hes run out of money and is resorting to flying garbage. More shameful to leave him flying it then to kill it.  I unplug for a bit and catch a movie with smith.

FODT account shows a credit of -163,480,000 ISK to be held against further transgressions of the moral code.


I come back after dinner and I see a new criminal in local. I quickly undock and have a tempest greet me outside of the station. I lock him up, and he warps to the Abudban gate. I warp after him and lock him up on the gate. I attempt to bump him off but my little SFI (Stabber Fleet Issue) just can't do it. I wait hoping the pilot will jump through, but Alas he just warps off to the station. I warp to the undock and see a criminal in a rupture and lock him up just as the tempest lands a ways off, around the other side of the station. The rupture docks and I make my way over to the tempest, which is still sitting on the station. I try to bump him again and do it kind of decently, when the criminal opens up on me. Bating are we? Okay I'll bite, lets see how this turns out. I keep my eyes on the overview waiting for some stragglers to undock, but they never come. I look back, and I am at 90% shields and the tempest has exploded. What the hell? Seems the pilot thought it was a good idea to shoot me with a completely untanked ship, with Large artillery, cruise missile launchers, and a light peppering of HAMs. Didn't work out well for him or his pod.

Local chat during/after fight;

[23:44:58] Aznwithbeard > ur tempest wont shoot me :(
[23:45:08] Able Killer > lol hes only got guns fitted
[23:45:11] Able Killer > i said not to
[23:45:22] Aznwithbeard > guna are a good thing to have fitted to a ship
[23:45:32] Able Killer > yes but no tank?

[23:46:41] wartoog > tempest down
[23:46:49] CAAN0N > hey man
[23:46:51] CAAN0N > nice bump
[23:46:54] CAAN0N > oh wait lol
[23:47:01] Aznwithbeard > u ded

[23:47:20] Able Killer > azn id say lets do a vaga vs stabber fleet issue but i just have enough isk for the ship
[23:47:22] Able Killer > wont be able to fit it
[23:47:55] Aznwithbeard > that was fun
[23:48:04] Aries Darkstar > u get the pest azn?
[23:48:07] Aznwithbeard > ya
[23:48:11] Able Killer > omg
[23:48:11] Aries Darkstar > n1
[23:48:12] Able Killer > lol
[23:48:26] Aznwithbeard > what did u wanna do able?
[23:48:58] Able Killer > its what id like to do but just lacking the isk, ive got enough for a vaga but not for the mods.... i was thinking a stabber fleet issue vs a vagabond
[23:49:28] Aznwithbeard > sell ur rupture :)
[23:49:46] Aznwithbeard > also, you're not being a smart ass like the others, keep ur isk, dont buy a vagabond, ill just kill you.
[23:49:58] Able Killer > their being smart asses?
[23:50:03] Able Killer > lol im missing all the good stuff
[23:50:21] Aznwithbeard > just urian and the dude in the ham drake

[23:50:41] Aznwithbeard > so uhhh, why didnt that pest have like... a tank?
[23:51:17] Able Killer > i dunno, he said in corp chat he thought he could take you even though he only had guns fitted, i said no way dont shoot your guns wont even hit his ship
[23:51:30] Aznwithbeard > /emote facepalms
[23:51:39] Able Killer > "DaFonz > think i can take him all  i have is weapaons on this tempest didnt get anything else yet"
[23:51:44] Able Killer > "Able Killer > i wouldnt if thats all u got"
[23:51:49] Able Killer > "Able Killer > its a fleet stabber"
[23:51:51] Aznwithbeard > erm..... tell him to update his clone.
[23:51:54] Able Killer > "Able Killer > hes fast u wont hit him"
[23:52:08] Aznwithbeard > u know... lost skill points etc.
[23:52:10] Able Killer > i think he emo raged quit, hes not online
[23:52:12] Aznwithbeard > poddage, etc
[23:52:21] Aznwithbeard > oh, can i have his stuff then?


Afterwords I get sent a mail from the ever present mach pilot.  Says something about riding off towards the sunset in a covert espionage mission. That or  he tires of molesting noobs. One of the two, can't remember. I salute him and bid him good luck in future endeavors.

After the tempest pilot logs back in I send him a message telling him to update his clone in a very non-threatening or demeaning way. When he doesn't reply I open up a channel with him and explain more thoroughly. He's too young to know what a good corporation is and I don't want another pilot leaving the pod life for joining with the wrong crowd. Doesn't mean I won't confiscate his assets tho.

FODT account shows a credit of - 254,890,000 ISK to be held against further transgressions of the moral code.


  1. When did you kill a Tempest? While I was offline playing XBOX?

  2. fuck me...well, ben = rodensteiner....