Saturday, March 5, 2011

My first heavy loss (OOC)

Jumped in a fleet to battle some pirates then some amarrians in range fit drakes with recon and tackle support. Got close a few times but they kept warping out. We have a fleet of around 30 and they have about 15, target calling was kind of crap and FC wasn't on field. We get some kills ( that I did not get on ) and after a few engagements they managed to spread us all out and pop my rapier.

Was the first T2 cruiser I have lost and it stings a bit. Well, not that much really, had no use for it to be honest and only bought it to help with some NOIR operations. Did not intend for this to be a long post, more of a milestone post. Guess we all have to lose expensive ships every once in a while. I messed up on getting to close to a drake, lagged helped out the rest as I warped as their fleet landed on him ( I was about 35KM away and he did not have a point on me) but whats done is done.

 Got the pod out and went back and grabbed a hurricane. FC told us to go back in, so we did, and I got instantly primaried and webbed by a huginn. Managed to get out of his point range and left the field in about 5% armor.

Went to get my salvaging thrasher in attempt to salvage my rapier, scooped some loot from a nearby hurricane wreck after someone else salvaged my wreck, went to warp and a dramiel landed on me, was again in warp, but for some reason got popped again. Oh well, just have to build some more ships I guess.

Didn't help that I was on the phone with my Mrs. at the time during all engagements, either.

After this massacre I decided I've had enough of EVE for the time being and now am writing this, and gunna take a breather play some WOT for a bit.

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