Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The time for honor is gone

Why would I waste my time being honorable against a Corporation that has none.

At this point, I think I've given it a valiant effort, but the time for that has come and past. New tactics, new ways for them to die. Even Got my brother involved. Bit of a noob, but I think he'll do okay.

I really should have just destroyed the drake, wouldn't be the first time I have preyed upon the "innocent"  Anyway, after dinner I undocked and saw the officer spawn yet again. Gyzmo, this time in a hyperion. Intel suggested active tanking with blasters, and I instinctively shut down his warp engines with my Hurricane and threw some drones on him. He still didn't aggress, so I moved closer and threw some guns on him as well. I knew he had back up, he knew I did as well. He agresses and I call for Rod to undock his cane. He calls for some  old school guy in a heavy buffer fitted myrm with lolsmallblasters to undock. The fight is on. Our neuts and guns are doing a pretty decent job on the battleship, I start to pull range because battleship blasters HURT.  The hype starts to deaggress and we overload. Hes going down before his aggression expires, but then a neutral oneiros pilot starts repping him and he docks in 1/2 structure with some armor repped up.

At that point I kiss my Hurricane goodbye, tell smith to eject and align for a podwarp. The Myrm and his lolsmallblasters are right on top of me and hes getting repped up, My neuts are burnt out so no hope of killing his cap, Rodensteiners neuts not enough. I'm at about 1/4 armor and there is no way we'll kill him in time while hes getting repped. BOOOOOM my hurricane detonates in a fiery explosion, but my pod is safe.

I tell them good fight in local, shame about the unaffiliated remote repairs. Two can play at that game. My interface gets a little fuzzy after I dock, so I unplugged it to clean off the terminal and left Rod on his own. When I regained corporate communications Rod told he he just blew up an enemies cyclone and sprayed the pod goo across the station. Coincidentally, it seems that the criminal IMMEDIATELY found the error in his ways and dropped himself into a new capsuleer corporation immediately after Rod dispatched his clone.

That reminds me, I never did clean off the Myrms viewing window. It's probably coated on now something fierce. Whatever, I'll just have Smith scream at someone until they do it.

FODT account shows a credit of - 368,340,000 ISK to be held against further transgressions of the moral code.

Bonus: they also blew up Rodensteiners cyclone and put My brothers Typhoon to low armor before he docked. Would have had the Myrm but they decided that they needed TWO neutral remote reppers now.

Seems that Old Skool jump corps a bit and has recruited 2 Neutral RR buddies from his one day old previous corp "Big Top Mining", interesting. Just when you think the enemies can't stoop any lower, they do. I pity them really, trying to blob to pack kills, recruiting meatshields that die needlessly, and then the smack in local and attempt to bait me into whining. Dropped a good fight in local comms and wandered off to watch some halo-vids.

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