Friday, March 4, 2011


I came back from my miniature vacation and found myself back in Auga. Flying around with a few friends we found a small gate fight on the Huola gate in Kourmonen (kour) but as we were kind of far away, the enemies jumped back into their home system and seemed to have evaporated. Sending in a lone scout we were able to get tackle on an enemies  Pilgrim class recon, and quickly stomped him down. I must have lost point at least once, and was confused at why he did not warp, to be surprised that we had some pilots not in gang jumping in to help. A little blobby, but a fun fight none the less. Heading back out, our fleet was warping around as our omen pilot hung out on the Houla gate at a tactical, a criminal pilgrim jumps in from Huola and cloaks and warps away, only to drop probes to snag our omen pilot. A few minutes later he engages our lonely omen, to which we warp in to help him and evict him from his recon. I love when I can salvage those meta-4 energy neuts, make a killing on the market.

After a little while longer with no activity, i decided it was time to make a run to Rens trade hub to sell some wares from previous engagements I have no use for. Set up all the sell orders and then hopped in my 9k ms stabber to show a friendly pilot how to bump hulks 100km at the Abudban ice field.

I go back to update my sell orders and see a pilot in a Stabber class cruiser looking for a fight. He was green, and I didn't have any non-faction cruisers in Rens, so I decided to fit up a crappy Bellicose class cruiser expecting to die. Wow, didn't expect him to be THAT green. Hull tanking stabber? What the hell?

Pilot in a rupture saw the fight, asked me to fight him next. Takes him about 20 minutes, but we fight at planet one and this time I KNOW I'm dying, wait what? Neuts me out and shuts off my tank, brings me to 1/3 shield and starts targetting my drones??? Hey buddy, I have HAMS and 220s on you at point blank range, better try to deal with those first  His fatal mistake, and tri-marked too, shit isn't cheap.

I'm not impressed with the bellicose or my fights, as they were both  pretty green pilots, though except for the vanilla guns and hardeners, the rupture was decently fit.

Get some dinner pound some rum, head back out to Auga and run around in my rupture some more. Find some friendlies on a gate, they invite me into their fleet, and we look for some targets. I check every back alley, every wayward system, and I can not find ANY activity. It gets so boring we go run a Mission for a high up security level 5 agent to blow up some Amarrian cathedral. Almost lost the Hurricane on that one.

Finally some activity, War target drake engaging two friendly ruptures next system over,  I'm warping instantly.Jump through and warp to the gate the fight is at, mid-warp FC tells me the friendlies ran and the drake bailed, DAMMIT. Spend 30 minutes waiting for a fight while they undock carriers and battleships at their home station and stay there. Carriers and battleships being camped in by 3 cruisers and two battle-cruisers, pathetic. Look over at Smith, shes asleep at her post, call it a night and carry her to her (edit: my) sleeping quarters and call it a night.

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