Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The weak get weaker

Ahhh well so this is just how it goes, once a criminal always a criminal. Begging and pleading for his life when he gets caught, then turning back to his life of crime. Just got this in my mailbox.

From: Black Ivy
Sent: 2011.03.16 22:41
To: Aznwithbeard, 

ok im gunna have to break this i dont like ganking ppl im try not to do it but i miss pvp too much lol im gunna pay in rl if i can so this is on i geuss lol sorry :P just thought i'd tell you so you dont leave me alone randomly and istart hitting u lol just thought i'd play fairly


Seems when their numbers get reinforced, the criminal mind forgets the bad and just remember the puppys and sunshine and rainbows. I'll show them. I'll show them all. Knew I should have ganked his drake, can't let my mind show pity, or understanding, or allow for even a sliver of compassion, they have never shown me any.  Time to HTFU AZN.

Alternatively I may jump to lowsec tomorrow, I am kind of missing the explosions of the Amarrian loyalists space ships.

Either way, someone gun die.

Edit - Plus 1 hour.

fuck this
From: Black Ivy
Sent: 2011.03.16 23:50
To: Aznwithbeard, 

lmao fuck this there all talking about ganking people im quitting this gay shiz corp lol


I can't remember the last time a played with a yo-yo. Quite entertaining.

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