Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back to the front!

After messing around in curse for a day, catching up with some old friends and new potential enemies, it was time to head back. Some associates of mine bit off a bit more then they could chew last week when a pilot accepted a level five mission from one of the agents he does some work for. I got an eve-mail asking for some help (along with a few of their other out of corporation associates) and jumped into my body stationed in Auga. As soon as I regained my motor functions ( I will never get over the feeling of moving from body to body, its like I am dead) I jumped into a hound I had laying around and made the twelve jumps to help some buddies, glad I brought the hound, had to jump through three gate camps and cloaks are win.

After that was all finished up I unplugged and did some patch-welding (I used some duct tape) on my cyclone, shes seen a lot of use lately and its showing. Last time I undocked her I got in a fight with some BCs and a command ship and overloaded my guns on a Myrm and a Drake, so I'm glad I finally had time to repair it.  I even got around to repairing some armor damage on it and repopulated the drone bay, let the engines run for a while and declared it in service.

A call went out over all intelligence channels asking for pilots to help save a few brothers in a system near my home, and I immediately jumped into the cyclone, I had a hurricane as well but that ship is usually my backup, and I am enjoying the cyclone a bit more these days. The enemy fleet bailed and as I was trying to find them, I got caught by those pirate bastards Heretic Army and they obliterated my newly refurbished battlecruiser. Almost got out too, was about 3700 meters from the gate when she finally folded.

My fleet started chasing the war targets as the pirates slithered back into their home system, and as I rebuilt a new cyclone. As soon as this was accomplished the war target fleet was found by me on the Kourmonen gate in Auga engaging a lone brother in a battleship. I kind of took over the fleet (sorry bout that FC) as I was the only one in visual range and started burning for the arazu holding down our brothers abaddon, requesting fire on him. He was MWD away from me and not pointed but after about 30 seconds, a badly overheated MWD and an overloaded warp scrambler, I prompty shut down his engines and called for the fleet to tackle anything near them as I overloaded my guns on the recon.

The fleet managed to grab a hurricane, drake, sacrilege, and harbinger during the destruction of the arazu, and wasted the hurricane as I was overheating my microwarp for one last burst to get myself back into range quickly. The fleet declared the hurricane dead and moved onto the harbinger, which I only pot-shotted as I put another warp scrambler on the command ship.  The pilot holding the drake was far away and actually lost his point on the drake, after which the pilot disengaged from the fight. I told the fleet to overheat on the last remaining vessel and for someone to deagress so we could catch him on the other side of the gate, but the call was made to late and the pilot escaped with severe structure damage.

A little while later I had taken over the fleet as the previous FC had unplugged from his interface and left me in command. We decided to just mess around in mostly frigates and destroyers with myself in the ever more popular bellicose. There was an enemy battlecruiser fleet on its way home and we wanted to get some eyes and ears on them, but while we waited we figured we would hang out on the Huola gate in Kourmonen and attempt to pick a fight.

At this point the enemy fleet was just two jumps away, when a lone enemy in a myrmidon entered system, at which point I called the fleet off the gate, thinking they were attempting to bait us into fighting with lesser numbers and ship classes. Apparently my broadcast was not received, and as the myrmidon landed I still had 4 or 5 pilots on the gate. A brother not in fleet in a destroyer aggressed the battlecruiser, and initiated the pilots in fleet to follow his lead. I again called for the fleet to disengage, but as the destroyer blew up the myrmidon tackled a fleet members dramiel, at which point I called for all available pilots to engage the battlecruiser in a suicide run, as I did not want to lose a faction frigate.

Just as the battlecruiser exploded, I told the fleet to get safe as the enemy fleet had just entered system. I scouted my fleet back and immediately asked the pilots to reship into battlecruisers, which they mostly did. We undocked our fleet and engaged the enemies with less damage ships but some E-war on the field. I called out primaries, secondaries, and tertiaries as our falcons attempted to jam the radars of the overwhelming force. Sadly we lost a battlecruiser and a cruiser pilot rather quickly and the enemies started to turn their guns on me as their first battlecruiser exploded. I restated the targets in order of importance and switched fire to the new target as my shields fell and I attempted to pull range on the fleet. My armor plating was thick but it wasn't going to hold out forever, and with 7 battlecruisers attacking me my tank was breaking rather fast. Disrupted, Damped, Tracking disrupted, and in 1/4 armor, I knew I needed to go. I overheated my Microwarp and aligned for a planet, threw some energy neutralizers on the harbinger nearby and hoped to get enough range from the drakes warp disruptor.

The second enemy battlecruiser fell ( their FC, I think) and I started shooting the new primary. My armor finally broke and the drake pilot still had me pinned down. 75% structure and I see incoming missiles coming right for me, my ship on fire and its guns badly overloaded. At the last possible second I was finally I was in the clear and initiated warp to a nearby asteroid belt. 53% structure, was a very close call. I immediately turned around and rewarped myself to the fight as I heard the fleet cry for a new primary as the last one disintegrated  and that the enemies were disengaging, and to tackle anything they could. As I was landing a final cruiser blew up and my fleet held the field.

My shield was regenerating but I was badly damaged, I called for immediate looting of downed enemy and friendly vessels and to align themselves to our home station. As soon as that was done, we initiated warp together and docked up to fix our ships. Salvaged modules were given to the pilots who lost vessels, and the fleet took a break.

I decided a suicide frigate roam was in the cards, and grabbed a rifter and ran around low security space for about an hour, finding nothing. We eventually got back to our home systems, and decided to check out the enemies system one last time before unplugging for the night and falling into our beds. I attempted to get some enemies to engage me off the station, but they would not, thinking we would drop a supercarrier on them, or some other cowardly tactic they would use on us. I told my gang to warp on me to show them what we were willing to fight them with, safely at range from station. They still would not engage and sent my fleet back to the stargate. Suddenly one of their pilots in a slicer caught one of my pilots in an (uncloaked?why) stealth bomber and started tearing into him, and I called for the fleet to warp to said pilot. The pilot in the stealth pilot told us he was going down and not to warp in, but to hell with it, I gave the go-ahead, we were in suicide frigates for a reason. I landed first and initiated hostilities on the slicer, and as my fleet landed the FC from the previous fight attempted to kill me with his destroyer.

Knowing that Coercers only have one midslot, and he sure as hell wasn't scrambling my engines, I calmly warped from the fight and the enemies lost both their frigate and their destroyer. I warped at range from the fight and scooped the loot from my pilots wreck, taking fire from an enemy battleship before warping out to drop it off at the stargate where my fleet was. I then warped back as I repaired my armor damage and took the loot of the remaining wrecks while taking further volleys from two enemy battleships.

I got my fleet home safe, gave the salvaged modules to the pilot who lost his ship, and unplugged.

Approx 545 million isk destroyed in just a few hours, a bunch of close calls, and minimal losses, it was quite a fun night.


  1. Thank you Anzwithbeard for coming to the aid of T.R.I.A.D. to defend Vard as well as push back the Amarr.